Happy Hour

Happy Hour

{Recent addition to the bedroom- a cozy reading nook}

Full on stop. Did you guys look at the calendar today and have a complete melt down because it's the last day of November?!! No?? Just me??! K, cool. Then don't mind me as I'm over here, just continuing to have my annual how-can-it-already-be-the-end-of-the-year freak outs...that I've basically been having since October. Sorry, not really sorry. 

To district me from end-of-the-year anxiety, puuuuhhhh-leease spill the deets on your lives! Did you guys score anything major in this past weekend's sales? And tell me all about your Thanksgiving feasts. What did you eat??! I consumed my body weight in stuffing, in case anyone was curious. Hopefully I can burn it off in time to feast all over again in a month, at Christmas dinner. And as far as sales, well, I linked the one thing I bought for myself below, but otherwise we focused on gifts and our Christmas cards (side note- we totally adulted and made actual cards with a photo in them....whaaaaattt???!).

As always, I hope you're all enjoying your week and keep on scrolling to see my mid-week pick-me-up faves!


{Beverages & books at a recent brunch with Tasting Table and Kitchenaid}


{Recognize any of the snaps behind me? I was asked (and honored) to include a few of my Instagram photos in the collage displayed on the wall at the Tasting Table brunch mentioned in the previous photo! FYI, the skirt I'm wearing is super soft and comfortable and is currently marked down!}


{Central Park still hanging on to fall, and I'm not mad about it one bit!}


{Channelling cozy cabin vibes for this past Sunday's brunch at home}


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