Happy Hour

Happy Hour

{Pretty persimmons}

I was so wrapped up in the beauty that was the Canadian Rockies, I almost forgot that Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Like next week corner. If that isn't terrifying, then I don't know what is. I'm kidding, obviously. There's a lot more terrifying things, like encountering bears in the woods, running out of chocolate and knowing that you have a month's worth of laundry to do (super terrifying, right?!).

All joking aside, the holidays can be a pretty crazy ride, so I was thankful for the time to slow down last week and the reminder to not get so wrapped up in the season but instead just enjoy life. I encourage you to do the same, whether it's treating yourself to a cup of coffee (or, better yet, a glass of wine), taking a bubble bath, applying a face mask, reading a book, playing a board game with your family, just do it. Trust me, there will still be presents available in the store, the cookies can wait to be baked and no one has ever lost their lives because a tree didn't get decorated exactly on time.

But like, if you don't have a Thanksgiving turkey yet, mayyyyybe go find one before you take that bubble bath. Just sayin' ;)


{My favorite souvenir from our trip}


{Replacing my weekly entryway flowers with cotton buds...not only is this cheaper because they'll last indefinitely, but I like how simple and neutral they are and I feel like they translate easily from fall harvest to Thanksgiving to Christmas and everything in-between}


{Current (surprisingly) favorite candle scent}


{Adding to our matchbook collection from places in Canada}


*This week's quote is in honor of someone who lost their life way too suddenly and way too soon. This person was an avid RC supporter and frequent taste tester of many RC recipes (almost as much as Mr.RC himself) and was always kind enough to pay me only the best compliments, even when I know certain recipes were fails, because they were just that kind and nice of a person.... R.I.P.

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With Thanksgiving (and Christmas) coming up, it's important to remember, especially this time of year, to share your own blessings by giving back to those less fortunate. While I don't have specific links for this that would apply to everyone, I encourage you to look within your community for opportunities where you can assist and donate.