Happy Hour

Happy Hour

{The start of our road trip}

Sooooooo who else is recovering from that nail-biting, panic-attack-inducing election last night? I mean, I legit stress ate an entire bag of mini carrots that had been sitting out for two days because I COULDN'T HANDLE IT. Oh, and naturally I washed them down with like 3 cookies and a bottle of wine. All's I can say is, I've never been more glad than I am right now to be traveling out of the country. In fact, I'm so glad, I may just "lose" my passport and never come back. I'm only sort of kidding!

Anyways, to get you off the election nonsense, here's a few favorite happy moments from the last week and a few sneak peeks at our trip. 

How are you handling your election hangover?


{A peek at some of the insanely gorgeous natural beauty we've seen up here in Canada....this place is so beautiful even this barely edited iPhone photo looks incredible!}


{Seriously cool latte art & delicious coffee found at a shop in the most unexpected place}


{Eating at the oldest restaurant in NYC}


{Classic New York landmark, which also happens to be another very old restaurant}


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