Happy Hour

Happy Hour

{Not quite ready to let go of summer...apparently, neither are these blooms!}

Hello, hello my friends! It’s one of those days, here in the city, that feels like the perfect blend of summer and fall. The air is crisp and devoid of any humidity or sweaty summer smells, the temperatures are just warm enough that you can still skip out on heavy layers and iced coffee drinks are still an acceptable beverage choice. I keep promising myself that I’m going to play hook and revel in one of these last glorious days before true fall sets in, but hooky ain’t so easy to play when you happen to be the employee AND the boss. And given a slew of unforeseen behind-the-scenes issues (aka why you haven’t been seeing consistent posts as of late), hooky really isn’t an option. Good thing I love my job… 


{Rainy walks in Soho}


{New products (Hydrabio Serum + Sébium Pore Refiner) to try out c/o Bioderma, aka one of my favorite French skincare brands}


{Attending the BHG Style Maker Event thrown by Better Homes and Gardens last week. It was an honor to be invited and I had such a great time mingling, learning, and, obviously, admiring the pretty flowers and displays!}


{The prettiest box c/o GLOSSYBOX filled with a few things that I can’t stop using like a velvety and smoky purple eye shadow pencil from KORRES, a sweet and refreshing rosewood reviving mist and an easy-to-use brow pencil}


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