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Happy Hour

WellnessrunwaychefHappy Hour
Happy Hour

{New shoes for fall (in the prettiest perfect-for-autumn shade of gray) c/o Sam Edelman at ShopStyle's Social House}

Once September rolls around, I know the busy season (for the business) isn't far behind (not that things are ever really slow...). If last weekend's schedule of non-stop work and 4-5 hours of sleep is any indication, this busy season is going to be even busier. And that's all I'm going to say about that for fear that I will start to sound like all those other bloggers who are like "OMG! Like I have this shoot and then I have to run to this meeting and then I have to have my avocado toast, but like only 2 bites so I don't get fat! OMGaaaa.....but first! COFFEEEEEE!" Nothing but love for my fellow bloggers, but sometimes the narcissism and out-of-touch-with-reality world that some of them seem to live in is anything but relatable, even to me as another blogger. Like, hello! We get it. You're busy. I am busy. We're all busy. But instead of focusing on all the busy-ness (and negativities), I hope you'll join me in taking a few minutes to pause and reflect on whatever it is that is getting you through your own busy week/day. For me, it's been a few of the following:


{Discovering the hidden gem of a neighborhood that is Vinegar Hill while out shooting outfits this weekend. It was so charming and quirky and quiet, I almost forgot we were even still in the city!}


{A sweet little surprise from Mr. RC, a cute new cactus plant for my desk, plus pretty lighting and shadows}


{My kind of headband! Not only is this Little J Headband (c/o) comfortable and stylish but a portion of the proceeds from every one purchased is donated to one of the company's local ALS research organizations. You all know how much I love helping others, so when I find a product or company that combines that with one of my favorite things, fashion, it's a total match made in heaven for me. If headbands aren't your thing, they also sell scarves and everything comes in tons of pretty colors (I also have the headband in the prettiest of pink shades!).}


{Pausing to reflect and remember, from our roof, on 9/11}


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