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Happy Hour

WellnessrunwaychefHappy Hour
Happy Hour

{Celebrating 5 years  (Can you see the 5??!) of blogging with some of the things that I feel have formed my brand, represent who I am and have helped get me to this point}

If it wasn't for Facebook I would never remember birthdays (although, even with Facebook, I struggle to get a message up on a wall). Belated birthday cards were made for me to send. Sheepishly texting/calling/emailing birthday/anniversary/well wishes well after the date they should have happened is not an uncommon practice for me. In other words, it doesn't matter how many calendars, devices, notes, reminders and messages I have, acknowledging important dates is something I just can't seem to do (in case you have been the victim of this horrible habit of mine, please know, it's not you nor just you alone, it is most definitely me to everyone I know). So it should come as no big surprise that I can never seem to remember my blog's anniversary, not even this year as I hit the milestone of 5 years of blogging. Yup, it's true. 5 whole years of putting thoughts to posts, ideas to life, pictures to words. There have been more tears, more sweat, more hours, more money and more cups of coffee than I ever thought were needed to fuel a dream. And most importantly, there have been the people. The people I have met, the people who have helped, the people who have read and commented and supported (even way back when my pictures looked like slop on a plate), the people who were there when no one else was, the people who I haven't thanked enough (THANK YOU!!!). It's been a bit of a wild time, unlike any other journey I've been on, and I thank you, all of you, for coming along for the ride!

P.S. Especially huge thank you to Mr. RC for taste testing, picturing taking, receipt entering, phone calling and generally putting up with my crazy schemes and demands at all hours of the day to make all this work. I couldn't do half of this without him!

P.S.S. In honor of 5 years, I'm sharing 5 of my all-time favorite posts down below. Keep on scrolling to see what they are!


{Watching the stormy waves, courtesy of Hermine, rolling in over Labor Day}


{An array of fall-flavored goodies thanks to Target (FYI, most of them should now be available at your local Target/Archer Farms)}


{A new blouse that I already can't stop wearing}


{Archer Farms Apple Cider Granola + maple syrup + yogurt + fresh blueberries from my Grandma's yard = my current favorite breakfast and one that straight up tastes like New England}


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