Happy Hour

Happy Hour

{A favorite park and alley in our neighborhood}

And just like that we're already half way through the first week of August. Can you guys believe it??! Also, I promise this is the last time I'll mention something about it being August already. I know, I know...it's starting to get wildly out of control.

While I'm never excited for time to fly by, I am excited for all the fun things coming up this month as well as savoring and hanging on to the last of summer until the very end. Do you guys have a busy August? How will you be enjoying the last month of summer?

As always, thanks for reading and keep on scrolling to see what things are making me happy this week!


{From the kitchen to my skincare routine, I'm always stirring up concoctions. Whether it's a spice mix, a tea blend or an infused oil in the kitchen, or a scrub, lotion or spray for my skincare routine, I use a lot of different herbs, oils and dried flowers. I've always kept them in glass jars or little bags but, much to my dismay, they quickly begin to fade and lose their flavor and/or potency. Luckily, Infinity Jars has come to my rescue. Their glass jars are made from a deep, dark violet glass, meaning all but the two light rays that preserve and extend product freshness are blocked out. Their jars are also airtight and scent-proof making them the perfect solution for storing all my different herbs, flowers, spices and mixtures. Right now, I'm using their glass fine mist spray bottle to hold my homemade rose water face mist, the glass cosmetic jars to hold my dried flowers (and eventually some lotions I'm planning to make) and, my favorite style, the glass apothecary jars to not only preserve some of our coffees and teas, but to also beautifully display them on our countertop.}


{A sneak peek at the new Eataly opening downtown on August 11th}


{Cherry thyme danish from one of our favorite bakeries}


{My logo as latte art thanks to this talented guy}


I may be biased but I think this is proof that Italians truly know how to do it better when it comes to food

A 21 day challenge that I think almost all of us could use

A mega dose of cuteness to brighten your day

Better butts right this way

Currently lusting after these fun wedges

The perfect guide for our upcoming trip

Happy story of the week 

Special thanks to Infinity Jars for partnering on this post