Happy Hour

Happy Hour

{A French-inspired look for weekend strolling around our (very French) neighborhood}

It seems everything these days is all about catching Pokémon figures. Meanwhile, I'm over here like I barely have time to catch any zzzz's, let alone some characters on my phone. Also....this whole craze is making me feel waaaaaaaaaay too old. Like flares, Pokémon, Blink 182.....if Pogs, Beanie Babies and discmans come back, that's it. Pack me up, roll me up and put me a nursing home already! Also, it should be noted that autocorrect tried to change "discmans" to "discerns", as in "Autocorrect discerns that I'm so old based on the fact that it doesn't recognize discman!" Excuse me while I go cry into my pile of wrinkle creams!

Ok, so spill! Have you guys gotten into the whole Pokémon craze or are you just as clueless as I am?!


{A unique fragrance c/o PHLUR with notes reminiscent of both the fall foliage, mountain landscape and seaside atmosphere characteristic of my New England home. I knew I'd love the scent by the name alone, as Greylock Mountain was not only in my hometown, but also where I spent so much of my childhood hiking and exploring. Just as predicted, I love the scent!}


{A sneak peek at our bar cart (same one with a glass top available here)....it's still got a ways to go, style-wise, but having our dedicated bar cart area at least set-up and functional enough to mix a cocktail, is reason enough to celebrate!}


{Garlic hanging to dry at our local Red Hook farmer's market}


{New sheets! So happy to have finally tracked down decently priced cotton striped sheets!}


The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is going strong. ICYMI, the Mr. & I rounded up our faves here.

LOVE what these guys are doing for their community! If only more people could be like them...

Chic hacks from everyone's favorite store

Sandals so good I need them in both colors (Did I mention they'r under $35?!).

Natural wonders never cease to amaze. Case in point.

Currently listening to- "Love You with the Lights On" (savoir adore remix) by Morgxn

Not the typical way for a 7-year old to spend their birthday money, but one we could all learn from.

Trying to figure out where to travel to next? This list might help. 

Something that we all need to work on.

I want this in my belly...like NOW!

This pool float is EVERYTHING!