Happy Hour

Happy Hour

{Food styling fun at a holiday press preview}

After a longer-than-intended hiatus, I'm finally bringing Happy Hour back. I originally took it away as it started to seem like a silly filler post. You see so much of my daily life on Instagram, Snapchat, etc I was beginning to worry that HH was overkill and I would truly bore you all to death with such a trivial posts. But the longer I went without writing it, the more that I missed the series, and you know what they say about something you can't stop thinking about... True, this is a bit of a silly post, yes, it's a bit of a filler post, but it's also so much more than that. Trivial as it may be, the whole concept of Happy Hour was to take a midweek break, when things are usually the busiest, to slow down, notice and appreciate the little things, and, ultimately, be grateful for all that life has to offer. That is certainly not silly (at least in my book) so here we are, back at it again.

While I'm still keeping the 5 pictures, along with a weekly quote, I'll also be adding in a few other favorites from the week, be it favorite posts from other bloggers, favorite things I've seen around the web, a song a can't stop listening to, a movie we recently watched, a book can't put down, etc. If you have anything else you'd like to see in these happy Hour posts, please let me know.

As I always, these HH posts aren't just for me, but a reminder for you, too, to stop and notice the little things in your own life. I'd love to know how your week is going and what little (or big) things are currently making you most happy!


{Fun summertime entertaining idea: paper lanterns in a tree from an event with Dreaming Tree Wines}


{A lemon crumb strawberry muffin from our favorite local bakery}


{An epic sunset from our 4th of July weekend with friends in the Hamptons}


{A cloudy view (or lack thereof) of Manhattan}


Other Faves for the Week

This hilarious chicken video

Fresh cherries for a midday snack (What are you currently snacking on?)

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A colorful pool that I'd love to take a dip in

Song I'm currently playing on repeat: Fool's Gold by Dagny