Happy Hour


{A bloomin' good surprise from these sweet ladies}

Friends. It's December. As in the last month of the year. As in the final bit of 2015. Can we all just stop and process that?! I mean, remember when it was just January?! Yeah, that was fun. And now here we are smack dab in the eye of the storm, er, I mean the holiday season. Because I know you have oh so much free time in between the soirees-cookies-baking-decorating-parties-festivities-carols-plays-musicals-snowflakes-snowmen-snowangles I'm not suggesting you add anything else to your super open schedule, but I am suggesting not to let those Thanksgiving feelings fade. As the year winds down in a whirlwind, take a minute or two every day to write down a few things your thankful for. That (and like 4 glasses of egg nog and a plate of Christmas cookies) and you'll calmly get through the holiday season easier than Santa could gobble up a plate of sugar cookies!


{First hockey game of the winter season}


{An epic Thanksgiving sunset}


{Family hiking time}


{Cool brew with a country view}