Happy Hour

Happy Hour

A few of my favorite happy moments from the week


{Neighborhood walks, admiring the pretty houses of Brooklyn #homegoals}


{A midday break to take in the Red Hook water views}


{Delicious chocolate chip passionfruit cake soft serve from Milk Bar}


{As with most neighborhoods in the city, we have a few stray cats that reside on our block. Many of them even frequently sneak through the fence to visit our backyard. Like the totally normal people that we are, we have, of course, named them all. This one in particular, Stripey, has totally pulled on our heartstrings and we're constantly concocting plans on how to make him ours permanently. I even catch Mr. RC sneaking out late at night to bring Stripey treats (Shhh! Don't tell him that I'm telling you this!). I'm convinced this cat has intentionally launched a full-forced campaign to turn us into #certifitedcrazycatpeople just so he can get treats, and so far it seems to be working out well for him. #sneakycatsofBrooklyn #animalsoutsmartinghumans}


{These gorgeous berries, known as porcelain berries, had me doing a double-take because I didn't think they were real. I've literally never seen such beauties (they remind me of the Easter robin's egg candies)!}