Happy Hour

Happy Hour

{Loving this wall (and the cans reused as planters) in a local coffee shop}


Aka the things making me seriously happy this week. I understand that capitalizing 5 words (3 of which are the same) don't quite constitute as an adequate post, so I pulled out a dictionary to find a few more words to share and even managed to wrangle up a few pictures for ya (tough work, I tell you). The pictures aren't of Mexico (obvs), nor are there any from the 4th of July (this is the first year I've ever spent it out of the country...kind of weird), but they all are very green, because obviously this week's theme was going green (ummmm, what?!).

Hope you're all having a great week! Ohhhh, and since I didn't get to share in the festivities this year, please tell me all about your glorious firework and barbecuing 4th of July holidays.


{Refreshing cocktails in the backyard}


{The products (lotion, sunless tanner) that have been giving my skin life (aka color)}


{A favorite flower spotted here}


{If you follow me on Snapchat {username: runwaychef) then you've already heard about this tree. It's a tree I planted with my Grandfather when I was much younger, i.e. I was about as tall as I am in the lefthand picture and so was the tree, and now, well...now it's a giant!}


{A quote that was more than appropriate for today's accidental green theme....via}