Happy Hour

Happy Hour

{Discovered this adorable house (that I desperately want) while shooting these photos, and briefly thought that we had been transported over to Europe...unfortunately, no such luck!}

I haven't seen my brother and my Mom since Christmas. While time certainly does fly, and it doesn't seem like it's been all that long, the reality is is that it had been far too long. On a last minute whim, we recently decided to rearrange our crazy schedules so that we could surprise them while they were visiting my Grandma, and I was so glad that we did. Getting to spend time with them, even if just briefly, will certainly be one of the more happier moments of this summer. No matter how hectic things can get in life, it is important to never forget to make time for the ones who bring you the most happiness.


{While chopping up swiss chard for this recipe, I couldn't resist taking a picture of how pretty the slices of stem looked, almost as if they were little stars}


{The family that wears stripes together.....// Having fun & goofing off with my little brother}


{Finally made it to try this ice cream place}


{Sunsets from our neighborhood never get old}