Happy Hour

Happy Hour

{A fancy meal (for a Monday night, at least) of manicotti for no other reason than to brighten up a rainy night}

It's been a hectic few weeks, but Happy Hour is finally back in action. I mean, you didn't think I would just give up one of my favorite things now did you?! Of course, the last couple of weeks have been filled with plenty of happy things, a large one being the very thing that temporarily kicked Happy Hour from it's Wednesday home (see here). Between that, work and life, I feel like I've already crammed about 2 summers worth of fun into the last 3 weeks, even though summer technically doesn't start until this coming Sunday. Seeing as we've got plans through Labor Day, it looks like things will continue to be busy (and fun!), but I'm hoping to still find plenty of time to enjoy our backyard and garden (aka have Mr. RC weed and water our plants while I eat the tomatoes and lettuce!).

I' d love to know, what fun things do you have planned for summer?


{Caught in camera action in our backyard by my dear friend of Coffee & Champagne}


{I heart strawberries, and apparently this strawberry hearts me back!}


{Trying a Nutella sandwich cookie at Eataly's Nutella Bar}


{Enjoying the peonie leftovers from this outfit shoot}