Happy Hour

Happy Hour

{Mini hyacinth buds}

Is it just me or does it feel like we skipped spring, then jumped back to fall, and landed in summer? I mean, it seems like just yesterday that I was complaining about the cold (because it actually was really cold here), and today I'm complaining about the heat. And this weekend, we're already at the unofficial start of summer (where I'll probably be complaining about the heat again). I feel like I say it every other day, but can time seriously slow down?! Perhaps, I should just start telling myself to slow down and I'll have better results (Ha!).

Speaking of slowing down, apologies for the recent bout of sporadic posting. I've actually been speeding up, not slowing down, as of late and, well, you can see how great that is working out for me. To say I'm looking forward to a long weekend of slowing down is an understatement....


{Making Chanel mail...yes, that's a real thing, and yes, I basically diiiiiied!}


{A sneak peek of a gorgeous vintage gold mirror we scored on Craig's List for our bedroom makeover}


{An abstract of the infamous Chanel No.5 bottle from the pop-up exhibit in NYC this past weekend}


{A passionfruit and popcorn eclair that was so epic, no fancy styled picture was even necessary!}


{At the Chanel exhibit, they had these cases of what looked like flowers, except when you moved your hand over them, they would magically rearrange to show a fact about the iconic perfume. This one about jasmine is barely legible, but I couldn't resist sharing it, along with a quote about perfume from the lady herself, of course.}