Happy Hour

Happy Hour

{A rose-colored view of the Brooklyn Bridge}

Not to be all debbie downer on a post that's about happy things, but did you guys here that Gil died??????!!!!! And if you don't know who Gil is, then don't even talk to me right now. I'm still in the utter depths of despair over the death of one of my all-time favorite characters from one of my all-time favorite movie and book series. I literally lived and breathed all things Anne of Green Gables growing up. I've long dreamed of visiting P.E.I., I still watch the movies on a regular basis, and the movie soundtrack is one of my favorites for the work day. I also may or may not have tried to convince my sister to help me recreate the boat scene in the creek in our front yard when we were younger. Basically, I thought I was Anne (and according to this, I pretty much am!), so you can imagine how heartbroken I was to hear that the actor who played Gil, Jonathan Crombie, suddenly passed away last week. Much to my husband's amazement (or probably amusement, because he thinks I'm cray), I think I may have even shed a few tears. It's hard to phrase what I was feeling, but simply put, it felt like a small part of my childhood had died, too. Dramatic, maybe, but not as dramatic as my heartbreaking realization that I will no longer have the opportunity to possibly run into "Gil" on the streets of New York. The only thing saving me from this utter tragedy is the fact that I now have my own Gil in Mr. RC :D And, as Anne said, "One can't stay sad for long in such an interesting world, can one?". 

Where are all my Ann-with-an-e fans at???


{First time at Smorgasborg for the season.... couldn't miss our favorite slushies or the new scotch egg stand where we got a chorizo scotch egg....YUM!}


{Decor inspiration from a new favorite spot, Greecologies}


{Our produce haul from the weekend...would you believe me if I told you we got all this for under $10?! I know...I still can't believe it either!}


{Celebrating our first outdoor meal of the season with passionfruit mango margaritas}