Happy Hour

Happy Hour

{Brooklyn Heights....or Paris???}

It may be raining all week, but I'm still drunk in love with spring. However, I feel like I might be alone in this sentiment. It seems as though everyone is already rushing around making summer (yes, summer, not spring) plans and I'm all like, can we slow it down guys? It hasn't even stayed above 60 degrees for more than 2 days in a row! But if everyone wants to rush ahead, be my guest. I'll just be sitting here enjoying the spring blooms, later sunsets, evening walks, and the birds happily chirping spring tunes.

How are you enjoying spring, or are you already skipping straight to making summer plans?


{Homemade Hot Cross Buns (waiting for their cross) for Easter breakfast}


{Enjoying the first warm-enough-for-a-skirt day}


{I've always loved searching for crocuses springing forth from the winter rubble and this year is no different}


{It's not Easter without one (or two!) of these}