Happy Hour

Happy Hour

{Purple blooms that smell even better than they look}

Spring weather may not be here just yet, but that doesn't mean that spring isn't in the air. I've been filling our home with bright, cheery blooms (like daffodils and the pretty purple flowers pictured above), I've been reaching for lighter, pastel colors in my closet, and we have been doing some serious, I mean serious, spring cleaning/redecorating (Is there any better feeling than decluttering and throwing things out?!). And, of course, I can't forget Easter prep. I'm looking forward to coloring some eggs later this week, and, obviously, stuffing my face with chocolate eggs (Cadbury Eggs, I'm looking at you!). Isn't it just great when a holiday gives you a pass to indulge in extra sweets?!

Are you guys doing any spring cleaning or spring prep? Planning anything fun for Easter? Oh, and what's on your Easter dinner menus?? I need some ideas to go with our roast lamb.


{A dainty bracelet c/o}


{New thank you notes from my favorite part of Target (the $ section)}


{Picking out new towels for our bathroom makeover}


{New bookends (which are on sale, if you're in the market)}