Happy Hour

Happy Hour

{One of my favorite city buildings at dusk}

I've been on a search for balance. Balance between work and play, balance between being a total couch potato and getting stuff done, balance between fries and tator tots, and balance with my yoga poses. Right now the balance of my current pose is namaste on the couch eating equal parts french fries and tator tots (and maybe a few of these for good measure). Perfect balance, no?!

Hope you're all having a great (balanced) week, and as always, thanks for reading!


{Tasting the new spring cupcaron flavors from Baked by Melissa at Coffee & Champagne's "Cheers, Spring" event}


{Trying out the new YSL mascara c/o Influenster}


{Looking up at brunch at Hotel Chantelle}


{A pretty scented candle to lighten a dreary work day}