Happy Hour

Happy Hour

{Hello Juno!}

Call me crazy but I’m in love with all this snow we have covering the ground. Ok, maybe don’t call me crazy….you’re calling me crazy, aren’t you??! Because only crazy people like cold weather, right? Repeat after me: hot chocolate, hot chocolate, hot chocolate… And let’s be honest, I’m not that crazy. I mean, we live in the Northeast people. We’re supposed to get snow! 

After Juno (or NorBeaster or whatever it was called….side note, why do we name blizzards, again, and who comes up with these names?!) hit, the Mr. and I decided to go out exploring. It’s always cool to walk around NY when it’s shut down….eerie, but cool. We snapped a few pictures, narrowly avoided the wind knocking us over several times, and made it home just in time for a big pot of homemade chili with all the fixins’ and a batch of warm cookies (see below). So call me crazy, but I was happy as a clam…or should I say snowman, since clams are more summery, right? But snowmen eventually melt so are they really happy?? Whatever….you get what I’m trying to say.

Did you get snow where you live? Are you a fan or do your prefer warmer weather?


{Looking up to find some cool architectural details}


{Roses hanging to dry}


{A snowy walk to check out the blizzard at the water’s edge….and just in case you were wondering, that glowing green thing on the left is not the ghost of winter storms past, it’s just the good ol’ Statue of Liberty}


{The results of the blizzard (at least in our kitchen)- fresh baked Snickerdoodle cookies}

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