Happy Hour

Happy Hour

{Making homemade ornaments}

Who else can't believe that it's already December? Raise your hand! I mean I'm just sitting over here trying to work on my 2014 resolutions and it's already time to think about 2015. Obviously, my 2014 resolution should have just been to plan for 2015 because I am behind with a capital B. OK, maybe that's slightly dramatic (Me? Dramatic? Never!), but I do feel behind, whether it's the fault of the resolutions or just this time of year in general. The presents, the decorations, the parties, the traveling, the planning....I think it's safe to assume we all feel a bit overwhelmed and behind during this holiday season. And if you don't.....you must have a secret super power??! Please share it and teach me your ways!

Are you still working on 2014 resolutions or have you moved on to planning for 2015?


{Cute coffee shops make coffee taste better, no?!}


{Fall fading into winter}


{Champagne tasting class}

{Adding to our record collection with a few vintage Christmas albums}

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