30 Favorite Purchases of 2018

30 Favorite Purchases of 2018

Do you ever stop and reflect on past purchases?

I thought it would be fun to talk about the purchases I/we made this year (#notsponsored) that are actually worthwhile and that I actually use, love and can’t stop talking about. I think consumerism has gotten a little out of control across the board (or maybe that’s just me, or my industry), and there seems to be a new product for every.single.thing…every.single.day. But do any of these products even work?? Do we even use them, or do they get tossed in a corner, forgotten and forlorn almost as soon as they’ve been purchased? This is a whole different, more intense topic, for a different day. But today, let’s keep it light and focus on the good products, the ones that actually get used and actually work, the ones that are worth hitting “Purchase” for. Without further ado, my 30 favorite purchases of 2018…


What are some of your favorite purchases 2018?


16. OUR PLANTS // For sure, probably the most purchased thing of 2018. I’ve lost count of just how many we have!

17. UMAMI SEASONING FROM TRADER JOE’S // This seasoning just came out, and I already can’t get enough of it. It has quickly become almost as much of a staple as their “Everything but the Bagel” seasoning.

18. A DISCO BALL // A totally random, but fun, purchase for a shoot; I always thought of them as rather tacky, but now I can’t get enough of mine and will probably leave it displayed in my office on a permanent basis.

19. SMALL GOLD HOOPS // Wore mine so much, I had to buy another pair. Oops!

20. BIODERMA MICELLAR WATER (a repeat offender) // Still my most loved skincare beauty product

21. A SUBSCRIPTION TO PORTER MAGAZINE // I don’t find many magazines worth a read, let alone a subscription, but Porter is definitely both in my book, er, magazine?!

22. MALDON SEA SALT FLAKES // A repeat offender in my kitchen forever and ever amen!

23. W3LL PEOPLE TINTED MOISTURIZER, CONCEALER + BRONZER // Finally tried this brand of clean beauty products and wondering why I waited so long, as all three of the items I purchased have already become can’t-live-without-them favorites.

24. ICE ROLLER // A lifesaver for puffy faces and migraine headaches, alike

25. MY PLANNER// Because I’m old-fashioned and can’t function without a proper place to put my to-do lists, due dates, etc.

26. REUSABLE MESH BAGS for produce // We’ve only had these for a few months, but the impact they have made has been enormous. So glad to be done with plastic bags and the unnecessary waste they create.

27. CHAMOMILE ESSENTIAL OIL // Tried this on a whim based on a sales associate’s recommendation, and honestly, nothing, not even CBD oil, has helped my muscles and body relax more. Plus, it tastes delicious in a glass of water!

28. CAMERA CARD PHONE ADAPTER // This has made photography and posting-on-the-go a breeze.

29. ADJUSTABLE WEIGHT SET // For easy working out at home + eliminating the needed for multiple sets of different weights

30. OLE HENRIKSEN POWER BRIGHT PEEL // One of the best products I use….it always makes my skin so much brighter, clearer and glowing.

1. LEVI’S SHORTS // A quintessential staple for living in LA; they basically became my unofficial uniform this past summer

2. A BLACK CREWNECK SWEATSHIRT // True life: I spend 90% of my life in jeans and tees or crewneck sweatshirts, mainly this black one.

3. VINTAGE COWBOY HAT // Purchased during a weekend getaway, perfect for my outfits in Jackson Hole

4. ROSEHIP OIL // Rediscovered my love for this face oil, and haven’t stopped using it since

5. LACTIC ACID // A true game changer in my skincare routine

6. HUMIDIFIER // If this doesn’t make me sound old…but honestly, the difference between sleeping with this on and not is actually insane. I no longer wake up with sinus migraines and crackling, dry skin.

7. HEARTH & HAND DISHES // We decided to switch up our dishes after our move and absolutely love these, not only because of how they look but also because of their reasonable price point.

8. BLACK SILVERWARE // While we were at it, thought it was time for some new silverware, too.

9. ZERO UV BLACK SUNNIES // For sure, my most worn sunnies of 2018. They just go so well with everything.

10. SIMONE PÉRÈLE MINIMIZER BRA // Feels like buttah on; honestly, it’s so comfy, I sometimes forget I’m even wearing it (a rarity when it comes to the world of bras) + I love that it makes my chest look smaller, which is especially welcome under bulky winter clothes.

11. THRIFTED MIRROR + POUF // We did a fair bit of thrifting this year and I truly adore each piece we purchased, but the mirror and pouf are, hands down, my faves.

12. LETTER BOARD FOR MY QUOTES // I’ve always been into motivational quotes, and this became a fun, new way to incorporate them into my life and share them on my stories.

13. YOU ARE A BADASS AT MAKING MONEY // One of the best “self-help” books I’ve ever read; I fully believe applying the principles to my business have allowed me to grow the way I have

14. FILM // I’ve loved getting back into film photography this year. I feel like it has pushed me to be more in-the-moment, and to care less about the “perfect” shot, which has, in turn, helped me get through some creatively difficult ruts.

15. DRAWING PENCILS // To keep my other favorite creative hobby going…