Hats Off

Hats Off

H&M Hat & Sunnies || Gap Tank + Belt || Madewell Jeans & Bracelet || Chanel Bag || Nine West Shoes

When I shoot my outfits, I like to go where there are no (or at least less) people, which, as you can imagine, is no easy feat in New York City. Apparently it isn't easy in Newport (where we shot these photos), either. Side note- when did Newport become such a hot spot?! Despite who may be around, our shoots are usually simple, straightforward and uninterrupted. But you guys, the funniest thing happened the other day and I just had to tell you, not because I'm full of myself but truly because it was hilarious and also a good reminder. So we're shooting on a quiet street, after walking around Newport all day. As we're in the middle of a shot, a mom and her two young kids walk by. All of the sudden the little girl yells out "Mom! Is that a model? Mom! Look! It's a model!" I literally died laughing before becoming so embarrassed. Both kids chimed in, continuing to call me a model, and of course, Mr.RC said I was, only egging them on more. Again, the point of this whole comical story (because me as a model really is quite comical) is, again, not because I'm full of myself but actually to share a lesson and a reminder. You see, on this day, like so many days, I actually struggled to get dressed. Nothing looked right, everything I wanted to wear would have either been too hot or too cool, my face was breaking out in 10 different spots and my wild, unruly hair made me think that somewhere some lion was missing it's mane. I know, blah, blah, blah...total first world problems. I finally (unhappily) settled with this look and, with a sigh and one last mirror glance, reluctantly went out for the day's activities. After initially being embarrassed by the kids calling me a model, it all of the sudden hit me- stop being so hard on yourself! It's funny how when I looked in the mirror, I saw a train wreck express, but those children looked at me and saw a model. I know I'm certainly not the only one who struggles with getting dressed, looking their best or feeling good about themselves, so this is your reminder- stop being so darn hard on yourself! If you see flaws or something wrong, it's probably because YOU are seeing them, aka you're imagining them and putting them there. Children always so innocently say it like it is. They see things for what they truly are. We could all stand to take a page from them, a reminder if you will, to see things how they truly are, to see ourselves as we truly are, to look in the mirror and not see someone we don't like but instead see the beautiful models that we all are.