Want to make your space calm?

Simple. Make it smell good. Light a candle, turn on a diffuser, burn some incense or give the area a little spritz of room spray and voila! Instant spa-like zen calm will descend upon the room.

I used to avoid room sprays like the plague, mostly because they’re loaded with chemicals. Tbh, they smell so fake, I often feel like I’m going to be sick just from the scent aka the exact opposite of calm. Eventually, I realized just how easy it is to make my own and I was basically like “Where have you been all my life?!”. I mean, who knew you only needed 3 ingredients? And bonus- they never make me feel sick after smelling them.

DIY room spray seemed like the perfect gift to feature for Calm Week’s DIY gift idea for a few reasons. It’s easy to make (like, so easy you could even have your kids make it, if you have kids). You only need a few ingredients that are affordable and that you can get anywhere. It’s customizable, so you can make different scents for different people. It’s perfect for a hostess gift, a stocking stuffer, a gift for the wellness fanatic in your life, or, uh, really anyone (Because who doesn’t want their space to smell good?!). It only takes all of 5 minutes to assemble. Oh, and yeah, spraying it has a nice, calming effect.

diy room spray-9.jpg

diy room spray-1.jpg

In a liquid measuring cup, or small bowl, stir together all ingredients. Using a funnel, pour the mixture into a spray bottle(s). That’s it. Easy peezy. It’s ready for you to spray and spritz your way to a calmer space.

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  • I prefer dark glass spray bottles, not only because I think they look more chic and elevated, but also because they keep the mixture protected from the sun, which in turn means it stays fresher for longer.

  • You can mix and match essential oils, or simply use one oil, whichever you prefer. Also, different oils have different benefits, so depending on what you’re looking Here are some examples:

    Lavender // sleep + relaxation

    Citrus // fresh + clean; great for kitchen spaces

    Chamomile // sleep + relaxation

    Peppermint // for energy, helping with headaches + boosting mental awareness

    Eucalyptus //to help with headaches, colds + create a clean space; great for bathrooms

    Bergamot // helps fight stress and anxiety

    Rosemary // cleansing scent that it is great for brain function + lowering stress levels

    Frankincense // for a grounding, calming effect + a more spicy, woodsy scent

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