Things of Note: Clean Beauty Favorites for February

Things of Note: Clean Beauty Favorites for February

I’ve recently added a few new things to my beauty routine,

and I’m super excited to share more about them in today’s post. Bonus- they all happen to be clean beauty products (tbh, pretty much the only kind of beauty products I use and like anymore). As with any skincare or make-up products I post about, I’ve been using all of these items for at least a month (or longer) to truly test them out, see how/if they work and decide if they deserve a permanent spot in my beauty cabinet. Spoiler alert: they all do.

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Native Deodorant // I’ve been using natural deodorants for years now, and while, in the not so distant past, they used to be harder to find, they’re (thankfully) becoming more mainstream and more accessible. I have a few go-to’s that I use, but when I saw this line become available at Target, I immediately snagged one, and I’m so glad I did. It’s quickly become my favorite deodorant ever, from the scent to the way it holds up (like I’m talking hiking up the side of a mountain or completing an hour boxing class and I don’t smell sweaty at all, which is honestly a miracle for me) to the fact that it just lasts (without having to re-apply it) or that it doesn’t stain my clothes. Win-win in my book.

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Isle of Paradise Dark Tan Drops // My skin, especially on my face, turns a ghostly shade of pale white in the winter, and tbh, I’m just not here for it. While I like using tanning mousse or lotion on my body, I’ve been wanting to use something different for my face. After testing a few products at Sephora, I settled on these tan drops and haven’t looked back since. They’re so easy to use…I just mix a drop into my serum at night (and, for extra color, in the A.M., as well) before applying the serum to my skin. Then, I wake up with glowing skin. It doesn’t stain or rub off on anything, it doesn’t smell strange (in fact, it really doesn't smell at all) and the color looks like a legit I-just-got-back-from-a-tropical-paradise tan, not some strange shade of pumpkin carrot. This has definitely earned a permanent spot in my skincare line-up.

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Caudalie Glycolic Mask c/o // Whenever I don’t have a lot of time, but my skin needs a little TLC, I’ve been using (and loving) this mask. It only needs to be left on for a few minutes and it always leaves me skin feeling brighter and softer.

Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum c/o // I’ve incorporated this serum into my morning routine, and, while I wish it was helping with some of my discoloration/brown spots a little bit more, it has definitely left my overall complexion more radiant (aka it lives up to its’ namesake).

Caudalie Purifying Toner c/o // I normally just use witch hazel as my toner of choice in the morning, but for the times I see pimples popping up, I use this toner, as well, and I’ve noticed a significant difference as to when I didn’t use it. I also brought it along on our recent trip to New York and I feel like it was one of the biggest factors in keeping my typical travel break-outs at bay.

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W3LL People Tinted Moisturizer // I’ve been on a multi-year quest to find the best tinted moisturizing, and I’m happy to say that I think my search is finally over. I’ve found the winner. This stuff provides the most amazing coverage, yet I never feel like I’m wearing anything on my skin. In other words, it checks off both of the things I wanted in a tinted moisturizer, and then some. Plus, it’s very reasonably priced given the quality. Pro tip: use a beauty blender to apply it for even better coverage.

W3LL People Concealer // I’ve been a die-hard RMS Un-Coverup fan for years, so I was hesitant to ever try anything else, but I wanted something a little thicker for heavy duty concealing jobs (Looking at you, zits!), so, after seeing this on several bloggers sites/Instagrams, I finally purchased some for myself. Just like the brand’s tinted moisturizer, this product does not disappoint. It provides excellent, heavy-duty coverage, without feeling like you have anything on. Don’t get me wrong, I still love my RMS for the times I need something lighter, and to brighten under-eye-circles, but I’ll definitely be keeping the W3LL People concealer on hand, too.

W3LL People Bronzer // The bronzing palette I was using isn’t non-toxic, so, when I was buying the other W3LL People products, I decided on a whim to throw their bronzer in my bag, too. And, just like their other products, this bronzer does not disappoint. I love that it isn’t sparkly and the color isn’t orange-y or reddish. Also, despite how it might look, it actually goes on really lightly so you can use it even if you’re skin is a little paler. It also builds really well for times you want a little more of a golden glow. Now, I just wish they would come out with a darker shade for contouring purposes.

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