B.Support // The Best Swimsuits for Big Busts

B.Support // The Best Swimsuits for Big Busts

You know what’s not easy?

Finding swimwear for anything bigger than a C-cup. And not only that, but also finding it in a pattern that doesn’t look like something a 60-year old grandma would wear on an all-inclusive vacation at a Sandal’s (no offense to grandmas or Sandal’s). If this is a struggle you’ve never known, count yourself lucky because, honestly, it’s a bit of a curse. But, similarly to what I said about bras in the last B.Support post, finding swimsuits for big busts is, slowly but surely, getting easier and more mainstream.

After years of trial and error, avoiding pools because nothing fit properly and never feeling comfortable in a swimsuit, I’ve finally managed to not only find some brands that truly fit, but to find ones that I actually love and that I feel comfortable enough in to do this crazy thing called “wearing a swimsuit instead of clothes to the beach/pool”. It’s honestly a miracle. So, I’ve compiled said favorites in a list for you to scope out (below), along with a few of my tips for getting the right fit and style, and some of my favorite places to shop for swimsuits for bigger busts.

Happy shopping, happy sunbathing, happy swimming, happy summer!




Lilly & Lime //

This line is a busty gals best friend and a total dream come true for those of us who are well-endowed up top! Based out of Australia, the line is specifically designed and created for D-Cup and up. The fit is super supportive, yet incredibly comfortable, the pieces are easy to mix + match, and, even with lots of use, they don’t wear out/stretch/fade. I also love that I can remove the straps from the tops, and the top stays put and actually supports as if I still had the straps on, instead of sagging down. There’s a pretty solid chance that if you see me in a two-piece, it’s probably from this brand because they’re truly one of my favorites. FYI, you can see one of their swimsuits featured in this post.

sizing note: they offer sizes 32D-40HH; true to size; go with whatever your bra size iS


Panache //

They offer a range of styles (bikini, one-pieces, etc) as well as colors and prints, all cup-sized and all very supportive.

sizing note: they offer sizes 28D-42J; true to size; go with whatever your bra size is

Coco Reef //

They offer a range of styles and prints; definitely a good spot to check out if you’re looking for fun tropical vacation-style prints; my favorite item from them is actually a black one-piece (get it here or here), that I’ve also worn as a bodysuit; I sized down two cup sizes, which works totally fine and definitely provides a lot of support, but for even more coverage I maybe would have only sized down one cup size.

sizing note: they offer sizes from a C cup to an F cup; size down in cup size for one-pieces

Bare Necessities //

There isn’t one particular brand to note here, but I am adding this on the list as it’s a great place to shop for a variety of brands (and products) for women with DD+ cups; they carry several of the brands I’ve included on this list, plus so many more and they’re now offering free 2-day shipping and returns.

second edits-2.jpg



  • Always look for tops that have underwire support.

  • For the most slimming effect, choose a halter top.

  • Since swimsuits for big busts can be a bit pricier, sometimes I will just purchase a bunch of tops from my favorite brands, then grab a few neutral bottoms from a place like H&M or Old Navy to mix + match for endless options that don’t totally break the bank.

  • As a rule of thumb for sizing, go with whatever your bra size is. If you’re worried about getting the best support, or the material stretching out, size down in the band.

  • If you’re truly worried about sizing and support, go with a one-piece. I find there is a lot more flexibility with sizing and I’m able to get away with a smaller size when it comes to this style of swimsuit versus a two-piece.

white one piece swimsuit-11.JPG

Figleaves //

If I’m not wearing a Lilly & Lime swimsuit, then I’m probably wearing one from Figleaves, as they’re another favorite of mine. I’ve collected several pieces of their’s throughout the past several years, most of which I still wear regularly to this day. I haven’t noticed many issues with wear and tear or fading, although my favorite black bikini, which is from them, has a bit of sheer fabric as part of the design (more as an extra or detail), and I have noticed that wearing out. It’s a bit more delicate so it makes sense, and I can still wear the swimsuit, but just something to be mindful of. Also, they do have good sales, so I’d recommend stocking up during those (that’s what I usually do). A few other pluses- they’re mostly female run with a female CEO and they’re all about ethical producing and trading practices.

sizing note: they have one of the best range of sizes (all the way up to K cup); true to size; go with whatever your bra size is

Freya //

This is a good brand to check out if you’re looking for cup-sized bikinis with fun colors and prints.

sizing note: they offer sizes from a B cup to a J cup; true to size; go with whatever your bra size is

Tommy Bahama // I know, probably not a name you’d expect to see on this list (or, let’s be real, my site), but I actually have (and love) a swimsuit top from them, so I had to include them on this list.

sizing note: they do only carry up to DD cup size; runs a bit big on the cup size; I sized down in the cup and went up one size in the band, but it’s a tie swimsuit, so I probably would have been ok with my regular band size, as well



Nordstrom, Bloomingdales and Macy’s have all gotten better about carrying brands with D cups+, and I’ve also noticed Old Navy and H&M having a few options that actually (Shockingly!) fit me over the last couple of years. And, while I haven’t personally tried it, so I can’t speak to the fit and quality, I did notice that Asos now sells swimsuits for larger cup sizes. I also noticed that HerRoom and SwimOutlet both sell some of the brands that I mentioned above. While I haven’t shopped on either site myself, they do look like they’re worth checking out, and, given how limited swimsuits are for women with bigger busts, I figure the more options the better, right?!

BUE SUIT standing-1.jpg