B.SUPPORT // The Best Bra Brands for DD Cups + Up

B.SUPPORT // The Best Bra Brands for DD Cups + Up

I know it’s been a few months since the last B.Support post.

And I’m so sorry I left you, uh, unsupported, shall we say?! But, when I commit to a project, I go into full on perfectionist mode and sometimes I have a hard time hitting “Publish” on something until I think it’s absolutely perfect (Spoiler alert: there’s no such thing as perfect). So, instead of making you wait any longer, I’m just going to get this darn long-over-due post of the best bra brands for DD Cups + Up published.

For years, I remember there was pretty much one bra brand, and one bra brand only, Victoria Secret. The bras either fit you, or you made them fit you. There were no other options. Thankfully, that’s no longer the case. There are now a plethora of brands offering, and even specializing in, bras for us gals with bigger boobs. Of course, there’s always room for even more inclusivity in the space (Like why is it still so hard to find a lace balconnete for layering?!), but anything is better than the days of squeezing into things that are clearly not meant for you.

For the purpose of today’s list, I’m focusing on sharing only the brands that I have personally tried and loved. This is NOT a post on the best individual bras, the best places to shop for larger bras, the best t-shirt bras for big boobs, or anything overly specific like that. Rather, it is a more general list of the brands that, I think, are doing the best job creating bras (and products) for women with big boobs. We’ll dive into the specifics (like which strapless bra will actually work for you) later, but first things first, you gotta start with the basics (like which brands are actually worth your time).

As new brands come out, products are developed and I discover more options, I’ll be sure to update this post so you can all stay informed and up-to-date on the best bra brands for bigger boobs.

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Panache //

This brand makes a great t-shirt and strapless bra, but they’re whole line is worth scoping out. Price point is reasonable, there’s a range of things from basics to lacy options to sports bras, but just be mindful of fit, as I have found the majority of their pieces to be a bit on the small size (just be sure to go up in band and/or cup size and you shouldn’t have any issues).

Chantelle //

Who can say no to French lingerie, especially when that’s as comfortable as it is beautiful? I especially love their range of subtly lacy bras. This is also a great option if you’re lusting after a Simone Perele piece but can’t justify the price tag, as the Chantelle bras have similar styles and quality, but at a more affordable price point.

Le Mystère //

Another great French brand and the go-to when it comes to basic, full-coverage, neutral color options. Just be sure to try on a variety of their styles as I do find the fit to be a bit different (and not always the most comfortable) throughout their range of products.

Natori //

It can be a bit of a struggle understanding your fit with some of the Natori pieces, but once you get it, it’s definitely worth it as this particular brand is especially easy to find at places like Nordstrom rack, meaning it’s super affordable. They also offer a greta variety of both basic bras and lacy bras.

Simone Perele //

If you think bras for big boobs is all fabric and no lace, then you haven’t met Simone Perele. Their bras are chic, sheer, sexy, lacy, flattering and so comfortable. They’re a bit more on the pricier side, but once you put one of their bras on, you won’t even care. I mean, they’re a French brand after all, and anything French is always worth the cost, right?!

ThirdLove //

When it comes to inclusivity, ThirdLove really knocks it out of the park. Between the range of sizes, tones and styles, they’ve got everyone covered. Plus, they’re actually comfortable, they’re reasonably priced and they do a lot of great philanthropic initiatives. What’s not to love?

Wacoal //

Great for basic bras (although they do have a few chic lacy options) that actually fit comfortably; also one of the more affordable brands on this list

Freya //

If you’re looking for fancy bras (you know, with colors and lace and such), this is the brand to check out. They’re also great for swimwear, but that’s a whole other post for a whole other day…

Fantasie //

I prefer their lacy pieces to their basics, but they have a range of options and price point is reasonable.

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