Bomber Jacket and White Horse Bit Mules

Bomber Jacket and White Horse Bit Mules

H&M Jacket + Bodysuit || Old Navy Jeans (with DIY raw hem; similar here) || Steve Madden Mules (available here in black) || Gigi New York Madison Crossbody c/o

Do you guys want to know something totally embarrassing? Some of my absolute favorite pieces in my closet were ones I didn't even find on my own. But wait....there's more. You know who actually picked them out? Mr. RC. I mean, did I just fire myself from my own job?!

I bring this little antidote up not to embarrass myself (I already do that enough on my own), but instead as a prelude to this outfit because guess who picked out half of it? Yup, the Mr. I mean, you guys. He found this bomber jacket for $10. Yes. $10 (in stores only, it seems). I know what you're thinking...can he be your shopping buddy, too? But sorry ladies, he's all mine.

Another example in the "Things Mr. RC Finds for His Wife" chronicles are these white horse bit loafers (available here in black). When it comes to new trends, I'm sometimes the last to jump on, often choosing to play it safe over putting myself out there. The Mr., on the other hand, is confident rocking the latest and greatest. The horse bit loafers were one such item for me. While he's had a pair of Gucci horse bit loafers since before I met him, it's a trend that I thought wasn't quite for me. And then he discovered these Gucci look-a-likes, in white, for under $100. And if that wasn't enough to sell me, well, then, the vivid picture he painted of me wearing them on some yacht in the south of France had me running to the register faster than you could say "Sold!". I've since worn the loafers non-stop, although I have yet to hear any more about this yacht in the south of France...

Do you guys like to shop by yourself, or do you have a favorite shopping buddy, be it your partner, a friend or maybe even a parent? Let me know in the comments below!