Beauty Empties No. 001 // Face Oils

Beauty Empties No. 001 // Face Oils

Last month on Instagram,

I did a spontaneous story series quickly reviewing a bunch of beauty products that I had just used up. It got such a great response that I decide to take over here, to the site, for a full-blown article.

When it comes to beauty, my standard rules are that it needs to be clean and that I need to try something for a minimum of 30 days before sharing my thoughts on it (part of the reason why I don’t do many sponsored beauty projects is because it’s either a brand I am unfamiliar with and/or I don’t have time to try it for 30 days before the project would need to launch). I’ve also recently added another rule to my beauty cabinet: one product in, one product out. In other words, I have to be done with one beauty product before buying another one (with the exception of my go-to products that just need to be re-stocked). Tbh, I didn’t realize how bad the situation was until I recently did a major clean-out and noticed just how many products were simply taking up shelf space and going to waste. So now I really try to only have a few new products to play around with and then my usual routine products.

With this new rule in play, it means I’ve been emptying quite a few beauty bottles as of late (and decluttering my beauty cabinet in the process! yay!), and, while a 30 day trial of a beauty product is good, a finished bottle is even better. I mean, let’s be real, nothing says a product was good quite like hitting the “Re-purchse” button on Amazon as your simultaneously scraping every last drop from the empty bottle, am I right or am I right?

Annnnnnnd I’m now realizing I’ve just gone on an incredibly long-winded, word-filled, slightly unnecessary intro to today’s beauty empties post. Basically, all you really need to know is that I used up some beauty products (uncoincidentally all organic, non-toxic, clean face oils) and now I’m spilling the deets on them, and whether or not they made the cut as a permanent member of my beauty cabinet.

face oils -1.jpg

face oils -2.jpg

Crop Rosehip Oil c/o //

pros // I loved this oil! It did all the things a rosehip oil should do, and it’s a great price point, considering the quality.

cons // My only issue is, because I use rosehip oil so much, the bottle is way too small for me and I used it up way too quickly. However, it would be the perfect size for travel, so I would order this again just to keep in my travel beauty bag.

will I buy it again? // Yes, but only for my travel kit.

Trilogy Rosehip Oil //

pros // This may be my favorite rosehip oil ever! It goes on perfectly, smells just right and is a decent size bottle (but not so big that you couldn’t travel with it if you wanted to).

cons // It’s a tad pricier than many other rosehip oil options, but, on the overall scale of face oil price points, it’s really actually quite affordable. I was going to re-order this one, but got sidetracked by the idea of testing out a different brand, which I am now deeply regretting because this oil was a million times better.

will I buy it again? // 1000% absolutely yes!

Zatik Rose Hip Oil c/o //

pros // I loved this oil and went through it quite quickly (because I like it so much). It was a perfect base pre-makeup in the mornings and it was super moisturizing in the morning. I also love that it’s got black cumin seed in it, it’s really reasonably priced (especially for the amount and the quality) and it’s made in California.

cons // The dispenser part got a little messy and the cap didn’t stay on the best so it wasn’t easy to travel with.

will I buy it again? // Yes, but only to use at home.

True Botanicals Oil //

pros // What I liked about this product is that it’s from a brand that is organic, clean, made in California and a female-run business. I also like the bottles and packaging design, and even the smell of the oil.

cons // This was one of the first skincare products that I ever spent more than $100 on and I was so disappointed. I tried to keep using it, off and on, and at least finish up the bottle, because, uh you know, it kind of cost me a little bit of money, but I just couldn’t do it. The sad part is that I even knocked it over and spilled a bunch of it (The horror of spilling an expensive beauty product!!), and I still couldn’t get through the bottle. I didn’t like the way the oil went on my skin. It felt so dry. And I don’t know about you, but I want my oils to feel like an oil, like they’re moisturizing my skin, like they’re doing their job, not doing the very thing (drying me out) that I’m using them to combat. The oil also caused me to breakout and get some pretty bad rashes, which, in full disclosure, I do have sensitive skin, so maybe one of the ingredients just wasn’t agreeing with me, but regardless, I still had a negative reaction. I guess I should have known that that spill was a bad sign….

will I buy it again? // Needless to say, as I’m sure you can guess, I will not be re-ordering this product.