Another Day

Another Day

*I've loved writing for longer than I can remember. It's a part of who I am. While you all typically see a writing style that is friendly, humurous, approachable and very conversational, I actually quite enjoy other styles of writing. Words without meaning, stories with no end, fiction blurring into I explore some new content for the new site, I find myself wanting to share these "stories" more and more. They are not based on me or anything in particular, and they have no purpose other than words being strung together on a page, yet still I want to share them.

I've also been exploring a variety of new and different photography styles, like these ones we shot at our Airbnb in Montreal, and I thought, what better pairing for some artsy photos than some artsy words? I may even make this pairing a regular thing. I hope you all enjoy, and, as always, thank you for reading.*


She slowly peeled open her eyes, one at a time. The morning rays of sun were just peeking in through the curtains. It was early, her mind was groggy. The fleeting relief and darkness of the night were quickly slipping away, leaving her to face another day.

"Chase your dreams." "The world is your oyster." "You can do anything you set your mind to." She willed the words to stop, but still they rolled through her mind the way blood flows through a blood stream. They were just a part of her. But those words that once pushed her to be more, were now simply reminders of all the things she wasn't.

It was those very words that had pushed her to do more, to be more, to see more, to reach for more. But when she stopped to look around, she realized it was, in fact, those words that had also caged her and made her someone she was not. Or was she that person? At this point, she had lost track. She needed to stop, she needed to get out, she needed to remember all she had forgot. She needed to get up and face another day...