Blue Striped Dress

Blue Striped Dress

Ann Taylor Dress (not available online but shared a bunch of navy dresses with stripes below) || Steve Madden Shoes || Vintage Clutch (similar option)

I'm not sure if it's harder to find "the one" in clothes or love, but I do know this, when you find it, in clothes or love, don't let it go. Case in point, this dress. You know what I'm talking about, right?! Those pieces you put on and they just fit, they work, they get you, they ARE you. Such was the case with this dress. It was "the one".

See, I was in the dressing room for at least 30 minutes, trying on what had to be close to 50 items, but only 1 stood out. It slipped on so easily, it almost felt like it was made for me and me alone. When I looked in the mirror, I felt good about the reflection looking back. And, I probably don't have to tell you this, but the colors and pattern were pretty much my match made in heaven. Without question, I took it home with me. I've since worn it dressed up and down, to meetings and events and everything in between.It's quickly become one of those pieces, where, when all else fails, I know I can put it on and it will work. It's reliable, it's pretty, it gets me compliments, it's flexible....I mean, really, what more could you want from "the one"?

Do you have a piece that is "the one" in your closet? Spill the deets! I'd love to know what it is!