Acre Baja
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I discovered Acre Baja via Instagram.

Actually, that's a lie. I discovered Burrito (their rescue donkey) on Instagram and THEN consequently discovered Acre. I couldn't tell which I liked better, but I knew, either way, that I just had to visit. So, the Mr. made arrangements for us to go. I'd like to think it was because he was being nice for my birthday, but really I think he was just sick and tired of me talking about a baby donkey at some hotel in Mexico and figured the only way I'd stop talking about it was to finally take me. Update: His plan didn't work. I'm still talking about the donkey two months later. And let's be real, Acre's property, too. I think you'll understand why once you scroll through all the pictures below. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so I'll just let the photos do most of the talking.

Location: Acre Baja, San Jose del Cabo, Mexico 23.0805149,-109.6812097

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The rooms are actually private treehouses. So fun, right?! Each one, discreetly tucked away amidst the palms, comes with a little balcony, a bathroom, a small closet area, and (my favorite part), an outdoor shower. It's essentially elevated glamping (both literally and figuratively). We loved sitting on the balcony, with morning coffee, watching the birds fly by, and, at night, it was the perfect spot for some stargazing. Also....can we talk about the decor?! #GOALS 

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It's no secret that food plays an important part in our lives and our travels. I mean, it's 99% of the reason I go anywhere (duh!). And the food and drinks at Acre did not disappoint. In fact, it was so good, we never left the property to eat or drink anywhere. Yes, you read that right. We did not leave. Take a second to let that sink in. Because if you know us and how we travel, that's something we never ever do. EVER. So if that doesn't tell you how good the food and drinks are, I don't know what will. 

Suffice it to say, since we did not leave the property, we quite literally ate and drank our way through the entire menu. As far as specifics, breakfast was included with the stay, and our favorite food for that meal was the chiliquiles, hands down. We usually ended up ordering lighter bites out by the pool for lunch, and seriously could not get over the ceviche or the brussel sprouts. So yummy and fresh. As far as dinner, everything we ate was delicious, but our favorite was the tasting menu we did for my birthday dinner (A special thanks to Dave's Dad for the birthday treat!). It was incredible and such a good way to try so much of the menu. I highly recommend it if you're just coming to the property to eat. And as far as cocktails go, let's just say you'll be happy with each and every one of them (we may or may not have tried every single one on the menu...oops!). Not that their cocktail menu doesn't have enough options to choose from, but, I also highly recommend asking for the deconstructed pineapple daquiri. You'll be glad you did!

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The property is tucked away, an unexpected tropical oasis, down an unassuming dirt road, out in the middle of nowhere. But that doesn't make the ground any less magical! Seriously, I could wander around there for hours and not got bored. The pool was our favorite spot for lounging during the day, but we loved the fire pit (with a cocktail in hand) at night. The complimentary morning yoga was the perfect way to start the day among the mango groves. And, of course, you know I can't forget about the animals. Burrito, the goats and the dogs all wandered the property freely, joining yoga, pool time and breakfast a like. It was very entertaining, and obviously my favorite part. I may or may not have also stalked Burrito to try to make him my BFF. I mean, c'mon. He's a baby donkey! Can you blame me!?   

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