A Review of Clean Tinted Moisturizers

A Review of Clean Tinted Moisturizers

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Save for my wedding day, I’ve never worn foundation. Instead, I’ve always opted for clean tinted moisturizers. I prefer having something that is lighter and doesn't weigh my skin down with a caked, heavy feeling. Plus, in the off chance I forget (or don’t have time) to apply moisturizer and/or sunscreen, it’s nice knowing I have a product that’s pulling triple duty for me.

Since I’ve pretty much only ever worn tinted moisturizer as my base, you can say I’ve had a few years to test out different products, and I have to say, the clean/natural options have definitely come a long way, not to mention there are so many more to choose from these days. The four listed below are the only ones I’ve tried over the past four years, listed in order of cost (from least to most expensive), along with my honest, no non-sense, #notsponsored reviews.

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Illia // $42

Wear: blends in easily

FEEL: light + fluid

LOOk: super sheer, minimal coverage

VERDICT: Since this product is so light and fluid, it’s easy to wear, but provides almost no coverage. while I know this isn’t meant to be a full on foundation, I still need my tinted moisturizer to provide something for me, especially if I’m paying $42 for it. Also, it smells a bit chalky/paint-like (at least to me). While I love most Ilia products, this is one I won’t be buying again.However, if you’re looking for something that’s super sheer + light, this product would be a great option.


Wear: blends in well + very buildable

FEEL: thick,almost foundation-like, but doesn’t feel as heavy on skin

LOOk: provides excellent coverage

VERDICT: I adored this tinted moisturizer so much, from the look + feel to the smell + the coverage it provided. Alas, I have the world’s most sensitive skin and something in this product caused me to break out in a rash. The company kindly offered me a full refund, but I truly wish I could have just kept using their product instead. In other words, if you don’t have SENSITIVE skin, give this product a go.

W3LL People // $30

Wear: blends in seamlessly, buildable coverage + holds up nicely

FEEL: weightless

LOOk: provides just the right amount of coverage with a dewy finish

VERDICT: By far my favorite tinted moisturizer. The coverage is amazing, it doesn’t feel like I’m wearing anything at all, it has a perfect dewy finish that is just right, and you can’t beat the price point. Plus, it’s super easy to find, as W3LL People’s products are now available at Target.

Juice Beauty // $39

Wear: requires extra blending + re-applying after several hours

FEEL: a bit of a heavy, pasty texture

LOOk: a slightly white + pink chalky undertone with a finish that is just a tad too dewy/almost greasy with only average coverage

VERDICT: Since this product is a bit on the thicker side, I was really expecting the coverage to be better than it was. I also was not a fan of the way it would leave my skin with a bit of a weird shadow/undertone+I wasn’t crazy about the smell either (though it may not bother everyone). In fact, I didn’t even bother finishing the tube before buying a different brand of tinted moisturizer. In summary, this product is a pass for me.

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