A Guide to the Best Coffee Shops Across America

A Guide to the Best Coffee Shops Across America

We drink a lot of coffee. Like a lot, a lot. So it should come as no surprise that we've spent a fair amount of time in coffee shops. In fact, when we drove across the country, some of our stops didn't allow us time to do much more than stop by a coffee shop. While it would have been nice to explore more, we also weren't upset by merely only stopping for a cup of coffee. In fact, we adore going to coffee shops, sometimes even more than breakfast or dinner dates. We love to snag a coffee before heading on a road trip or to the beach, we'll go to a shop for an afternoon break or an early morning pre-work date, and we love to people watch and explore the culture through the coffee shop window. Coffee is quick, cheap, easy, non-committal and yet still some of our best memories come from times spent over a simple steaming mug of brew.

For easy reference, and because I know many of you feel the same way about coffee as we do, I thought it would be fun to compile a guide to coffee shops across the country, or I should say, the coffee shops that we've tried across the country. New York and LA truly need their own list as there are so many, but for the purpose of this post, I've only listed the ones we go back to time and time again. 

Additionally, every time we travel, or try a new spot (and it's good), I'll update this list. So, if you're a coffee lover, make sure you bookmark this post and check back often.



Where are some of your favorite coffee shops? You know I always need more to try!



Ludlow (The signature lattes are incredible!)

Stumptown (Especially love their Brooklyn Heights location)

Devoción (Strong, but good, coffee)

Maman (Be sure to grab one of their epic cookies to pair with your coffee drink!)

Partner’s Coffee (One of my favorite seasonal drinks is their sage latte)

Bluestone Lane (Adore their chai lattes and mochas)

One Girl Cookies (I know this is a cookie shop, but if you want to really treat yo' self, get their iced mocha! It's divinely decadent and delicious!)

Bien Cuit (I'd go for the croissants but could never resist their mochas)


Tandem (Coffee done just right + paired with the best baked goods)


Scout Coffee (cool space, homemade syrups + almond milk + some cool specialty drinks like a butterscotch latte and a cappuccino with wilderness syrup which is a house-made syrup with notes of maple, Douglas fir and citrus)


35 North (go for the coffee, not the food)


The Collin's Quarter (Hands down the most amazing spiced mocha lavender latte of my life!)

The Paris Market (The iced horchata latte was heavenly, especially on a hot day.)


Blacktop (love the space and the lavender latte)


Slipstream (They also have amazing food, FYI!)


Coat Check (Excellent croissants and really great coffee; try the butterscotch latte)


Persephone Bakery (Perfect spot for coffee and food!)

Cowboy Coffee (Love their specialty lattes, like the Honey Badger!)


Lo/Cal (One of my favorite cups of coffee in LA. Adore their honey latte!)


Menotti's (Great vibes, great coffee, great location)

Great White (Our favorite place for coffee {and breakfast burritos}…Australians just know what they’re doing when it comes to coffee. The flat whites and mochas are my fave!)


Barista Parlor (For sure one of my top 5 coffee shops of all time. Their bourbon vanilla and whiskey caramel lattes give me life!)

Frothy Monkey (All kinds of specialty lattes and yummy baked goods. Try their Turtle Latte.)