St. Augustine

St. Augustine

Location: St. Augustine, Florida


St. Augustine has been on my radar for a while,

but somehow, out of all my trips to Florida, I had never made it there. However, that finally changed on our most recent trip. 

To be honest, I really had no idea what to expect, and one of the only reasons I had wanted to visit previously was because of the area's pirate history (#nerdalert). But I was pleasantly surprised to find a town that had many of the same charming characteristics and architectural designs, and even the same sweeping Spanish moss, as places like Charleston and Savannah. 

We only went for an afternoon so I can't give a ton of recommendations, but I definitely spotted a few things that would be fun to go back and check out further (like the distillery, the chocolate shop with free tours, and the beautiful Flagler College campus).

If you, like us, do not have long to spend there, I highly recommend the trolley tours. It's a great way to see all the noteworthy spots about town combined with a little history lesson on each place (and saves you from trekking around in the humidity). If you have more time, you can even get on and off at whatever stops you want (to take tours, eat, etc.).

Suffice it to say, St. Augustine is definitely worth checking out and I know we can't wait to go back soon!     

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