9 Recent Ikea Purchases

9 Recent Ikea Purchases


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Honestly, I feel like a bit of a broken record lately, with all the home project talk. But I have a one-track mind and that one-track currently just so happens to be "make our house a home". It feels like it's taken us 6732986 hours...and we're not even done.....and our place isn't even that big. I mean, since when are there literally 2 million drawer knobs to choose from? I literally can barely choose between 10 of them, forget about hundreds upon hundreds of them. And things like shades of white or tan. Like I just want white, or tan, I don't want have to choose between cotton and cloud and vanilla and granulated sugar and marshmallow.  

This is probably one of the reasons I'm such a huge (not sponsored) fan of Ikea. I know some people look down on it and prefer their West Elm's and Crate & Barrel's (which I also love),  but I love that Ikea keeps things more simple. Ok, well, maybe not when it comes to furniture assembly, but when it comes to design and choices, simplicity wins for sure.

Ikea was basically around the corner from us when we lived in Brooklyn so it essentially became our second home (Honestly, we should have saved ourselves thousands of dollars, moved into one of their little model set-ups and hoped no one would notice! Ha!). Here in LA, we have to make a bit of a trek to get to one of the two closest stores, but somehow that hasn't stopped us from basically moving in. Their stuff is just SO good lately. I guess we no longer need to plot our move into one of their floor models because our entire home has basically become an Ikea.  I know there are other amazing home goods stores out there, and we've certainly gotten a few other items here and there, but some of Ikea's current pieces, combined with the quality and price point, just can't be beaten. Below I'm sharing our 9 recent Ikea purchases, because, quite frankly, they're just too good not to share. 

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Thoughts on Ikea- are you a fan, or do you prefer other home stores? And if you are a fan, what are some of your recent favorite ikea finds?

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Arm Chair // This chair is insanely comfortable and I adore the style. I wasn't as sold on the color but I'm planning to "age/wash it out" a bit and, in the meantime, blankets and throw pillows go a long way in brightening it up.

Not-Your-Average Folding Chairs // Not only do these chairs not look like folding chairs but they're actually also super comfortable. They're great indoors or out, and they're perfect to keep around for extra seating options when entertaining since they fold up and store so easily.

Baskets // I literally bought out Ikea's stock of these baskets because the price point is just too good. And, I mean, they're super cute! We use them for decorating, storage and even our plants.

Outdoor Stools // I wanted a really wide bench for our patio, but most of the options available are super narrow, and, honestly, that's just not at all comfortable for outdoor lounging. So we put two of these footstools together and they made the perfect bench. Ikea even sells the perfect sized cushions to add on top for ultimate comfort.

Jute Rugs // We tried multiple other jute rug options, but again, Ikea came through for the quality-and-price point win! We love this rug so much we actually bought two of them, one for our living room and one for under our dining room table.

Bench // I adore this bench (that Ikea classifies as a coffee table) and knew I had to have it for our entryway. I had been on a serious several-month-long-hunt for a bench for the space, but to no avail (Side note- Since when did benches become so hard to find?!), and Ikea came through and saved me again with this woven gem.

Throw Blankets // I mean, the price tag alone is reason enough to get these. They're also super soft, come in red stripes and a cream color as well, and are great to take to the beach, throw on a chair, use outside, etc.

Woven Poufs //I love how these not only add a decorative touch to a space, but they also work well for extra seating, a side table, and both indoors and outdoors.

Terracotta Vase // This reminded me so much of a piece you would see in Greece that I coulnd't not get it. Of course, I have no idea what I'm doing with it still, but that's not the point ;)