5 Ways to Make A Small Bedroom Feel Bigger

5 Ways to Make A Small Bedroom Feel Bigger

Hi friends! Thanks for letting me vent in my last post. Ok, well, let's be honest. You didn't let me, I let myself and then forced you to read it. #RUUUUDE I'm halfway back to my good ol' self thanks to a few drinks and a night out with the hubs to catch a flick in the park (one of my favorite summer activities in the city), but thank you all for your comments and concerns. I so appreciated them! Now, back to regular programming...

As I've mentioned before, Mr. RC and I have been tackling various home projects over the past few months. Next up on our seemingly never-ending list is making over our bedroom space. I know that this sounds like it might be easy, but we live in New York, so it's not. First, it's small. Like very, very small. Secondly, there's basically no closet space. Like you know the size of the closet in the apartment that Carrie and Big look at in Sex and the City, where Carrie exclaims "Well, that explains the divorce..."? Yeah, that's the size we're talking about. Unfortunately, unlike Carrie, I actually use my oven, ruling that out as possible storage, and for some reason my husband didn't like the idea of me turning our living room into a giant closet. #RUDE Ugh.Over it. Moving on.

So now that we've assessed the situation (ummm, small, small, and small), I've gathered a few ideas and inspo to help get the creative juice flowing. Read on to see my 5 ways to add big space to a small bedroom and stay tuned for details and photos on our bedroom makeover.

As always, I'd love to hear in the comments if you've struggled with small spaces or not having storage (in a bedroom or another room) and what things you did to help. 


Light and Bright // Decorate with bedding, sheets, pillow covers and furniture that are white, gray, or other very pale shades. Reserve color for small accessories (like on top of a dresser or night stand), an accent pillow, a small rug or a few plants. My one exception for this rule is window coverings. Without dark curtains and blinds, it would be impossible to get any sleep with all the light pouring in.


Mirrored // Think one floor length mirror is enough? Think again! Mirrors reflect light, which help to bright the space and really open it up. Don't be afraid of mixing and matching different sized mirrors and different types of frames. In our bedroom we have both a rustic wooden framed floor length mirror and a vintage gold mirror that sits atop a dresser. The two frame materials add texture and detail to the room, but because they are both in a neutral color, they don't detract from the space.


Double Duty // This one goes without saying, but when you have a small space to work with, make sure every piece of furniture is pulling double duty. A small bedroom is no place for a piece of furniture that is purely decorative. From dressers that double as makeup stands on top, to headboards with pull-out storage and bed frames with built-in drawers (something that we have and love), there are plenty of options available.


Twice as Nice // Think of things that you already have in your bedroom (or closet) that you won't be getting rid of, like hats and jewelry. Then use those pieces as functional decor. For example, instead of hanging artwork on the wall, hang hats. Instead of knick knacks to display, artfully arrange your jewelry. After all, if a piece is pretty enough to wear, then it's pretty enough to be displayed.


Dare to be Different // Don't get stuck in a rut thinking that you need a traditional headboard, side tables, or even a closet. Remember to always being thinking creatively and outside the box. For example, utilize architectural details that are built-in as a possible headboard. Another favorite headboard alternative, is hanging a pretty piece of cloth or artwork on a cloth. Try replacing side tables, with floating shelves, or maybe do away with them altogether.


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