5 Things to Clean Out Before the New Year

5 Things to Clean Out Before the New Year

As the year comes to a close, there is no better time to clean things up and out. I like to wipe the slate clean, both mentally and physically, to prepare for a fresh start with each new year that rolls around. I’m a big goal setter and list maker, so naturally, I always love looking back at the goals I set, seeing what I accomplished and what I didn’t, and then setting new goals for the year ahead. Physically, I also love to declutter. I believe that cleaning up the mind and home go hand-in-hand, for as they say “clean home, clean mind” (They do say that, right?! Or did I just make that up??). Either way, having a clean home and mind, I believe, are the keys to a successful new start in the new year. While I’ve shared New Year’s goals with you in the past, I thought, for something different, this year, I would share the 5 things I always make sure to go through and clean out.


Christmas + Holiday Décor || Before you go packing everything up, make sure it’s all stuff you still want. Check that strands of lights still work, ornaments haven’t broken and that items are still your style. It’ll make decorating the following year so much easier.


Desk + Paper Work || Nothing says ending the work year like cleaning out your desk and old paper work. File receipts, shred unnecessary documents and throw out all those old to-do lists. While you’re at it, don’t forget to tackle you’re actual computer, organizing files and cleaning off your desktop


Pajama/Underwear/Workout Drawer || While I regularly go through my closet to clean out pieces I no longer wear, I often forget to also out my “unmnetionables” drawer, which is funny because those are my most worn pieces. Toss out anything that is ratty, stained or holey, making a list of the things you need to replace. With after-Christmas sales happening it’s always the perfect time to stock up on basics, pajamas, underwear and workout gear. I got a head start on cleaning out my drawer this year and have already replaced some of my older, stretched out bras with a few new ones from Designer Intimates. FYI, if you need to stock up on pajamas or underwear, they’re having a huge sale AND they're offering a special discount to RC readers where you can get 15% off with code RUNWAYCHEF15.


Makeup || If you’re like me, you can start to let beauty products pile up throughout the year. The end of the year is the perfect time to go through and toss out anything you don’t use, anything that has expired, or anything that has broken. If you have unused, unopened products that have not yet expired consider finding a womens’ or homeless shelter to donate them to.


Magazines || We subscribe to a million more magazines than we ever should, so needless to say they quickly pile up throughout the year. While I wish I had time to read them all, the reality is that I don’t. There are ones that I consider to be more timeless and valuable (like my Martha Stewart’s or Vogue’s), but everything else that hasn’t been read probably isn’t going to and it gets tossed.

Bonus Things- I also like to take this time of year to clean out my purses, our car, and our pantry!

How do you prepare for the new year?