5 Low-Key Summer Gatherings to Have Before the Season Ends

5 Low-Key Summer Gatherings to Have Before the Season Ends

Summer is all about no-fuss everything.

No-fuss hair, no-fuss outfits, no-fuss plans and definitely no-fuss entertaining. While the summer season is starting to wind down, it’s nowhere near over yet, and I don’t know about you, but I plan to make the most of it right up until the very end. In other words, I’ll be trying to squeeze in as many low-key summer gatherings as possible from now until September. Below, I’m sharing a few ideas for some of my favorite no-fuss summer entertaining ideas, perfect for closing out the season with ease (and fun). The good news- they’re all easy to put together because they’re that low-key. The bad news- you’ll want to put them all together because they’re that low-key. Good thing the first day of Fall isn’t until September 23rd…




Think of it like this. It’s basically a potluck for millennials. Everyone brings a different bottle of rosé (you can even use my handy dandy rosé list for guidance), you set-up some snacks (the usual of cheese and crackers works perfectly here and is right in line with our low-key gathering theme), everyone tastes the rosés, takes and compares notes and basically leaves as a certified rosé expert (aka a millennia’s dream party favor). Bonus- make it a bit of a competition and have a few fun prizes for whoever brings the winning rosé (or the top 3 favorite rosés) of the party. You could even keep the prizes rosé themed and do something like a few wine glasses, a bouquet of roses, a box of rosé gummies, etc.


Ok, I know this might sound like a very California thing to do, but beers, take-out and going to watch surfers (aka the “boards” part of the title) is such a fun and easy way to spend an evening with friends. Bonus points if you actually surf before enjoying your beer and take-out.


The title pretty much says it all. Make pizzas. Eat them on the patio. And the best part? Everyone can customize their pizza toppings, or even bring their own, sort of like a topping potluck (aka you provide the dough, guests bring the toppings). It’s easy to prep and clean up, it’s a fun activity for people to do together and, even better, it’s less cooking you (the host) have to do. If you have a grill, you can even cook the pizzas on that. Put out some beer and wine and a simple green salad, serve ice-cream for dessert, easy peezy, done and done. For pizza dough, I always use my go-to no-knead dough recipe, but in a pinch, I also love Trader Joe’s pre-made doughs (especially the herb one). Annnnd if pizzas sound like too much work, but you still want some of those same flavors, try whipping up a pan of this oven-roasted tomato bruschetta to serve instead.


One of my favorite things about summer seafood recipes is that they’re usually a meal-in-one. Aka they’re a dream for easy entertaining. Whether it’s a big bowl of ceviche served with fresh tortilla chips and spicy margaritas, a whole grilled fish and veggies situation, a seafood boil (perfect with light summer beers), sushi or, one of my personal picks, these spicy mussels with peaches (that are perfect with fresh crusty bread), you can’t go wrong having a simple seafood meal al fresco with friends.


Brunch is fun at home and all, but have you ever had brunch at the beach? It takes it to a whole other level. I mean, why eat a bagels inside when you can eat them outside AND work on your tan at the same time??! Double duty at it’s finest! Plus, the food options are endless. You can make or pick up breakfast sandwiches, breakfast burritos, bagels and cream cheese, fruit cup, muffins, scones, frittata bites, the makings for mimosas…so many options and all so easy!