5 Flats for Spring

5 Flats for Spring

I was always a heels kinda girl...until I moved to New York. Then, I quickly realized 3 inch stilettos weren't going to cut it in a city where walking is one of the main modes of transportation. So I begrudgingly made the switch to flats. Those same shoes that I resisted with all my force are now the same shoes I can't seem to get enough of. This season, especially, there are so many great designs and trends happening in this category of shoes that I knew I had to share my 5 favorite flats for spring with you guys. I already own a pair of most of these, and, for the ones I don't, you best believe they're on my list to get soon. Keep on scrolling to check them all out.


Bit Mules || I own a pair of these classics in white (which I'm sure you know if you read this post), but I love them so much that I'm planning to get them in black, too.

Velvet and/or Satin Flats || Both velvet and satin are typically thought of as only winter/holiday materials, but trust me when I say there are too many great velvet and satin flats to only wear them a small portion of the year. Plus, because the materials look so luxe, they're great for dressing up an outfit without having to throw on heels.

Blush Pink Flats || Blush pink is still going strong as a trendy color so that alone makes it worth getting a pair of blush colored flats. However, they're also great to wear as a neutral in place of the typical brown/tan or black. Plus, who doesn't want to wear more pink in the spring?

Ankle Wrap Flats || Similarly with satin or velvet flats, I love ankle wrap flats for how easily they can dress up an outfit. They work just as easily with a dress as they do with a pair of jeans and a tee.

Printed Mules (or flats with details) || Printed mules are huge for spring, especially any with floral patterns (Duh! Florals for spring!). Having that extra detail on the mules is a great way to make a mundane outfit not so mundane. I'm also a fan of flats with stripes (no surprise there) and bows.

Are you a heels or flats kinda girl? Let me know in the comments below.