4 years

4 years

{Celebrating our 3rd anniversary in Lake Como, photo by our trusty tripod and timer}

Today, the Mr. and I are celebrating 4 whole years of marriage. Sometimes it doesn't feel like it's been that long (and in the grand scheme of things, it really hasn't), but other times, it feels like it's been 4 eternities. Long or short, I wouldn't trade any of it. 

This year, just for fun, we thought we would do a joint post....ok, who are we kidding?! I thought it would be a fun idea and I basically all but had to force the Mr. into doing this. Marriage, right??! Anyways, in honor of 4 years, we're sharing 4 of our favorite photos as well as 4 questions we came up with along with the 4 answers (which we wrote separately and then combined into this post) that we each gave. We hope you enjoy reading through them all!

Four Favorite Memories


Lake Como for our 3rd wedding anniversary

A random winter day spent wandering the city and drinking hot chocolate for hours in front of the Bowery Hotel fire place 

Another random day spent in the park in Red Hook, by the water, drawing, reading and soaking up the sun

My birthday trip to Paris


Our wedding day, duh!

Our third anniversary trip to Italy and actually spending our anniversary day in Lake Como

Making you chicken tacos! It was one of our first dates and knowing that you came from a family that likes to cook, I went out on a limb to show my culinary skills to see if I could make the grade

Going to Paris for your birthday

Four Favorite Things About My Spouse


I love Mr. RC's ability to make me laugh at all times 

I love how caring Mr.RC. He has the biggest heart, made completely of gold, of anyone I know, and he cares deeply about everyone he knows (even when they don't care back). And don't even get me started on how he cares about and is always helping my brother and mom...it melts my heart!

I love that he puts up with all my crazy ideas and stays up late to help me make them all happen.

I love that he encourages me and supports me no matter what.


I love your determination that you wanted to chase your dreams of going into business for yourself.

That you truly are a very talented cook. If you are reading this and have never eaten any of Runway Chef’s food, then sadly, you are missing out!

That you have just as much of a passion for travel as I do.

When I walk in the door when I come home from work and you always greet me with a smile, hug and kiss. No matter what went on during the day, I know for that moment I am centered.

Four Favorite Activities I Enjoy With My Spouse




Road tripping



Cooking dinner together, especially Sunday dinner

Road trips, you’re my co-pilot and I would never trade you for anyone when we drive, even though you fall asleep sometime ;-)

Dancing to our records in the living room

Whether it be in our neighborhood, around the city or abroad, I always love exploring with you

Four Things Marriage Has taught Me


Yelling & fighting is a form of communication (maybe not the best one, but sometimes you gotta work with what you got)

Sharing is caring

What doesn't kill you (or your spouse...or your love for each other) only makes you (and your spouse and your love) stronger

Always kiss each other good morning, good night and good bye


Gents hear me out on this one, SHE IS ALWAYS RIGHT!

Never face a difficult situation or problem alone, there is a reason you're a team

Life is too short, so make sure you try to take advantage of each day to its fullest

That there will be good days and bad days, but your spouse is what makes either of them great!


{From our time in Florence, photo by Urška & Domen}


{Cooking in the kitchen, making one of our  faves, homemade gnocchi and sauce}


{Our wedding day, photo by Kensington Blue}