30 Things to Stop Doing Once You Turn 30

30 Things to Stop Doing Once You Turn 30

In light of my recent 30 Before 30 reflections and observations, as well as my actual 30th birthday last Friday, I thought it'd be fun to make a list of 30 things to stop doing once you turn 30 (because clearly I can't get enough lists in my life). I'd love to hear if you've applied any of these in your own life or if there is anything you'd add to the list! Let me know below...


1. Stop living for quantity, instead live for quality

2. Replace those plastic blinds with actual curtains...seriously, just do it already

3. Stop using your $5 college mirror (you know the one) and get a real mirror to use instead

4. Sheets- you spend at least 8 hours a day in them. They better be good!

5. Have a big, soft, fluffy bathrobe for after showering, getting ready, or just plain lounging in

6. While you're at it, invest in nice undies, too

7. Less tv, more reading 

8. Remember to treat yourself, to weekly flowers, a glass of wine, a bubble bath, a new candle, a special bag, you get the picture- treat yo' self

9. Stop saying 'yes' all the time and start saying 'no' more. You're time is valuable....don't let anyone ever make you feel otherwise.

10. Stopping putting others first. If someone has hurt you or isn't treating you fairly (friend, family, boss or otherwise), start sticking up for yourself instead of just standing by.

11. But don't start putting everyone last...make time to nurture the important relationships with the ones who matter most

12. Help those in need. Make the time to volunteer and give back. Stop making excuses not to.

13. Speaking of excuses, say goodbye to them. You don't have time, or money, or energy...blah,blah,blah. Whatever your excuse is, let it go and live your life.

14. Don't be afraid- fear only holds you back, whether it's from something totally daring like sky diving, or just having that second serving of pasta

15. Bye cheap chocolate and cheese, hello good stuff! These are indulgences...make sure they're worth indulging in.

16. On that note, keep your booze and wine fridge stocked with something a little classier than, say, vodka that tastes like rubbing alcohol.

17. Stop beating yourself up- for saying the wrong thing, doing the wrong thing, going the wrong place, wearing the wrong outfit, eating the wrong meal. Life is too short to be upset over something that you won't even remember in a year.

18. Learn to be still- relish the silence of your own thoughts.

19. Figure out what style looks good on you...and stop wasting your time on anything else. Trends fade, style lasts.

20. Which brings me to, investment pieces. By now your closet should have at least one quality piece of each of the following: black heels, loafers, a good bag, jeans, white tee, white button down, a black dress, a warm sweater and a classic trench coat.

22. Stop skimping on skincare. Get a routine and get into it, every.single.day.

22. While you're at it, stop skimping on makeup and hair care and any other self care, too.

23. Say sayonara to using whichever perfume sample floats your fancy for the day and pick a signature scent (or 2).

24. Don't forget a signature lip shade (or 3), while you're at it.

25. And a signature cocktail, because you're too old to just be drinking "whatever has alcohol in it" (Ok, to be fair, I have a few signatures depending on where I am but they're generally rosé, champagne or a margarita.)

26. Get a hobby- You know, those things you had in high school, then stopped having time for in college, but swore you'd pick up again and you haven't? Well, now is the time.

27. Open some sort of savings account, any sort of savings account, but for the love of God, just make sure you're saving more than you're always spending.

28. Work out every darn day- your body (actual physical workouts), your well-being (stress release via bubble baths, facials, praying, mediation, etc) and your mind (reading, crossword puzzles, taking classes).

29. Stop chasing other people's dreams and start chasing your own.

30. Stop waiting what you think may be ahead and what may be better and start living and loving your life now. Be happy with where you are, with what you have and realize how truly blessed you are with the simple fact that you're lucky enough to see another year, heck another day, of life. That's no small miracle, so relish in it and don't ever forget it.