30 Sweatshirts Under $30

30 Sweatshirts Under $30

H&M Sweatshirt || One Teaspoon Jeans

I don't know about where you live, but here in New York it's been nothing but cloudy skies and rainy days. And I don't know how that makes you feel, but for me, it makes me feel like doing nothing but hiding out, in a cozy sweatshirt, under a pile of blankets, with pizza and cookies and a never-ending movie marathon. Just living that rainy day dream life, right?

The sad reality is that life doesn't stop for rainy days, or, ya know, really anything, for that matter. But just because I may not be able to spend a rainy day surrounded by blankets (Trust me, I've tried.) and junk food, doesn't mean I'm fully giving up on all the cozy things. Thankfully sweatshirts are very in right now, so I can hide out in one all day, staying cozy as a clam but still looking trendy AF, and no one is the wiser that putting together an "in" outfit is the last thing I planned to be doing.

I picked up this pink sweatshirt for the cooler late afternoon/evenings in LA, but have continued wearing it almost every day here in NYC. Paired with these super distressed jeans, it's become my unofficial rainy day uniform. It's great for working in, shooting in, or, like yesterday, reading and lounging in. Whether you're looking to upgrade your rainy day style or you're ready to jump on the sweatshirt trend (which, TBH, who wouldn't be???! I mean, we're talking about sweatshirts being totally acceptable to wear in public, people!), I've linked to 30 sweatshirts under $30 below.