24 Hours in Savannah

24 Hours in Savannah
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One of the stops I was most looking forward to on our trip across the country was Savannah. That dreamy Spanish moss had been calling my name for years and I was beyond excited to finally see it in person.

While the Spanish moss certainly did not disappoint, I'm afraid some of the other aspects of Savannah were a bit underwhelming. Maybe it was because we had just come from Charleston (where the people were just a tad friendlier), maybe it was because I had built it up so much in my mind, maybe we just didn't experience it correctly, maybe it was the fact that we were starving when we arrived and the only place seeming to be open for dinner (with reasonable prices) past 9pm didn't have the best service. Whatever the case, I'm sorry to say that I wasn't as charmed as I thought I would be by this southern city and I'm really glad we switched our schedule around to only having 24 hours in Savannah, as opposed to the originally planned 48.

All that aside, please don't translate what I said above to mean that we had a horrible time. We actually loved the architecture, the Spanish moss (Obvi!) and places we did end up checking out, and I'd still recommend Savannah for a 24-48 hour trip, especially if you're into ghosts, or, if you happen to be staying in one of the beach towns close by and you're looking for a day trip, or something else to do besides laying out at the beach. 

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We started with a little work in the morning, plus a little shopping (because I was so not prepared for the super hot and humid temps), before grabbing a late breakfast/early lunch at The Collin's Quarter. This Australian cafe was so light, bright and airy and bustling with people. I almost felt like I was back in New York! The food was fresh and healthy (Just what I needed after the Charleston binge-fest) and the spiced lavender mocha was seriously to-die for! Like if you get one thing in Savannah, it should totally be that.

After eating, we spent some time wandering, picture taking and exploring. The homes were beyond breathtaking and, similarly to Charleston, I just wanted to take pictures of every single one of them.  We also stopped in Forsythe Park for an obligatory picture of the fountain.

At this point, we were pretty much dying from the heat so we headed to check out a few stores. The Paris Market (Another Instagram discovery, that you know I couldn't turn down with a name like that!) was seriously dreamy, plus they have a cute little cafe with yummy macaroons and delicious iced horchata lattes. 

We were still pretty hot so we decided to make one last stop, Leopold's Ice Cream. It came highly recommended from multiple people, and it definitely did not disappoint. We indulged in a flavor that featured Georgia pecans, which could not have been a sweeter note to end our trip on.

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After doing some Savannah research during the drive from Charleston, I quickly realized our stay in one of the most haunted towns in America wouldn't be complete without a ghost tour. So, I immediately booked us one for later in the evening.

Prior to the haunted tour, we set out to find a bite to eat. Like I mentioned above, finding affordable decent food after 9pm seemed near impossible. In fact, I'm pretty sure it's easier to find a ghost there at night than it is to find dinner. We ended up finding a bar with what appeared to be good food thanks to Instagram. The food was indeed good, as was the local peach beer I had, but the service was painful and slow. If we hadn't had the ghost tour afterwards, it would have been a pretty disappointing evening. So, for obvious reasons I won't be sharing where we ate, but honestly, do yourself a favor and just skip dinner and do the tour instead (which you know must mean something because I NEVER skip any meal).

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Have you been to Savannah before? I took a poll on Instagram, but I'd love to ask here, as well-which southern city do you prefer: Savannah or Charleston?

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