The New Runway Chef

The New Runway Chef

Timing is a funny thing. When I first reached out to the talented babes over at Vibe Tribe  Creative about redesigning my site, I had every intention of having a new site launch during the summer. But fate had a better plan, as it usually does, because here we are, launching the brand new site on no other date than the 6 year anniversary of Runway Chef. The timing could not be more perfect if I had planned it myself. And, quite honestly, I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate 6 years.

While I deleted many of the first posts (You're welcome for me saving you from a heaping garbage pile of terribly written words and even more terribly taken photos.), it's really quite wild to see how far this site has come. I never would have guessed that what would have started as a mindless hobby to distract me from job searching would have turned into the career I was never even searching for. I'm constantly in awe and always forever grateful.

This new brand and fresh site has been a labor of love and I'm not sure I've ever worked harder or longer hours in my life. We've spent full nights, countless weekends, the entire summer, abandoning so many other plans and adventures, even going so far as to work from the car (Mr. RC behind the wheel, me desperately hanging on to my phone's hotspot for all it's worth). The gals at Vibe Tribe spent even more hours bringing my visions to life, dealing with my indecisive mind and ever-changing ideas and creating this beautiful masterpiece of a new site. Mr. RC has stayed up late working right alongside me, despite early mornings at his actual job, and, let's be real, if it weren't for him, I'd probably have lost my damn mind months ago (Ok, let's be real, I probably did, but he helps make it appear as though I haven't.). Talk about a serious dream team. I'm beyond grateful.

And I'm even more grateful to all of you, readers, followers, internet friends, for all the love and support. Thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my very grateful heart. I'm beyond thrilled for this new chapter of Runway Chef, and even more excited to have you all along for the ride. I hope you have fun peeping the new site and I can't wait to here what you all think!

Now, I'm off to toast new beginnings the best way I know how- with pasta and bubbly!