20 Things to Do Before Summer Ends

20 Things to Do Before Summer Ends

Can we all collectively agree that it feels like summer just started? And yet here we are, with back-to-school, fall fashion, pumpkin spice things  (Whyyyyyy???!) and end-of-summer parties to tell us otherwise. It's a true tragedy. I don't know about you, though, I'm not willing to accept it just yet. No, sir. I'm hanging on to every last drop of these golden summer rays and days that I can. Who's with me? I hope you are because I've created a whole big list of 20 things to do before summer ends. I mean, obvi drink all the rosé and spend every possible second at the beach is a given, and you should totes do those things, but besides that here are a few other ideas to help you finish #summer16strong...

  1. Go on a picnic
  2. Have a drink al fresco
  3. Catch a sunset (preferably from a rooftop, beach or boat)
  4. Read one last beach book (I currently reading this book and can't put it down!)
  5. Treat yourself to a new end-of-summer-swimsuit (if only because they're all on sale now!)
  6. Go on an ice cream cone date with friends and/or your significant other
  7. Make popsicles (and be really crazy and have one for breakfast)
  8. Have a water balloon fight
  9. Host a "wear white + drink rosé" party
  10. Rise with the sun and have an early morning breakfast (bonus points for having it by the water)
  11. Participate in an outdoor activity (kayaking, yoga in a park, a concert, a movie screening, etc)
  12. Take a typically indoor activity outdoors (i.e. a meeting, your workout, a meal, giving yourself a mani and pedi, etc)
  13. Grill dinner 
  14. Give yourself a fresh fruit beauty treatment (read this article and this one for some ideas)
  15. Drink your wine as a slushy, instead of, ya know, plain ol' regular wine (or really drink any of your cocktails frozen)
  16. Volunteer for an outdoor-based activity (beach clean-up, shelter dog walking, gardening, etc)
  17. Gaze at the stars
  18. Go on a road trip, even if it's just for a day, complete with fun playlist, iced coffees, windows down, hair blowing in the window
  19. Play hooky and head to the pool/lake/beach
  20. Make a meal entirely from things picked up at your local farmers market

What things are you trying to do before summer ends?