1st Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Husband

1st Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Husband

As promised I'm following up Mr. RC's post from this morning with a guide for the ladies on what to get their hubbies for their 1st wedding anniversary.

Call me old fashion, but sometimes I like to be absurdly traditional. Take wedding anniversary gifts for example. According to tradition, 1st anniversary gifts are supposed to be paper, which is perfect because I'd been eyeing a killer ream of paper to give the hubby (it was so tough deciding between Off-White 0001 and Cream White 0000001, but I finally picked the perfect shade). But then I was thinking maybe I should be a little more modern since we're not living in the 1800's or anything. According to this list, clocks are the preferred modern 1st anniversary gift of choice. So not only will I be giving my husband a pack of paper, I've decided to go above and beyond and draw him a picture of a clock ON the paper. He's obviously going to be super psyched.....

And I'm obviously kidding (mostly because I have no clue what I'm getting my husband yet....also because he reads my blog). Keeping both traditional and non-traditional anniversary gifts in mind, here are a few things you could get your husband to celebrate your first year of marriage together.

1. If you need something that islast-minute & affordable- take an entire pack of Post-Its and write sweet notes, things you love about your partner or even just "I love you" on each Post-It. The stick them everywhere that your guy will see them throughout the day- in his closet, on his tie, on his pillow, in the fridge, in the book he's reading, the dashboard of the car, his computer screen, etc.

2. If you likecombining traditional & modern- get your guy a book on the subject of watches. This one and this one would be great options. If he's not into watches, don't fret. Get him a book on something he is interested in, or you could even get him a magazine subscription.

3. If you enjoy being creative- find a decorative clock, set it to the time you were married and write a note, your vows or the words to your song on the back.

4. If you and your husband are into games & puzzles- get a puzzle made with a favorite picture from your wedding. If puzzles aren't your thing, this site also offers other customizable game options.

5. If you've got a bigger budget & lots of time to plan- give your husband a gift on paper. For example, tickets to a sporting event, movie tickets, a copy of the menu to his favorite restaurant, or even travel reservations.

Do you have any ideas to add to this list? What is your favorite anniversary gift that you have given or received?