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11 Summer Road Trips from NYC

WanderrunwaychefUSA, NYC
11 Summer Road Trips from NYC

I'm not going to lie,

California is a great home base for lots of incredible road trips (that we're dying to plan and take). However, with the onset of warmer months, I can't help but miss some of our favorite summer road trips from NYC. From quick day trips to wineries to small coastal towns to childhood homes and everything in between, there is always an escape for whatever mood you're in just a few hours (and, let's be real, sitting in/getting through all that city traffic) away. Here are a few of our favorites:


What are some of your favorite summer road trips, either from NYC or wherever you live?


If you're looking for laidback artsy New England vibes + amazing seafood,

Maine is the best, and is, hands down, my favorite summer getaway from NYC. It's just so chill and, while you can certainly find plenty of things to do, it's also the perfect place to just relax and be. The rocky coastline is breathtaking, the lighthouses are beautiful, the lobster rolls are the best thing ever and there's an impressive amount of artists scattered throughout the state all doing incredible things. (Plus, it's been the backdrop for some of my favorite photos, including these.)

If you want upscale beachside but still want lots to do, and you love boats,

head to Newport, Rhode Island for a weekend. It's become such a tourist hotspot now that it's not quite as fun as it used to be (IMO), but it's still beautiful to check out, and you certainly can't beat the spectacular mansion, the beautiful harbor views with all the boats, and all the yummy restaurants. (You can check out a few of my outfit posts from Newport here and here.)

If you're into being a tourist,

visit Niagara Falls. It's definitely a trek from NYC, there's definitely not much else to do in the area, and it's definitely VERY touristy, but seeing the falls is kind of an epic thing to do. 

If you're looking for a low-key, coastal foodie town,

Portland, Maine is the spot to go to. Seriously, I can't get over the food there (including these donuts). It's so darn good. Plus, it's home to one of my favorite breweries, and it's got so many great little shops plus the infamous lighthouse. (I love these photos we took there, too!)


If you only have a day,

go to Beacon. It's a quaint town with amazing food and cool artsy vibes that feel much farther away from New York than a mere 1.5 hours. It's far less touristy than nearby Hudson, but still has great art available (Dia Beacon), cool hiking spots nearby, farmer's markets, pretty river views and antique stores aka what seems to be the requisite for an escape for any city dweller. As if that isn't enough, there are even a few great wineries along the way.

If you're looking for a classic New England escape,

Cape Cod is where you'll want to head. I might be biased because my family would summer here when I was littler, but you really can't get more classic New England than the Cape. Expect lots of classic New England summer seafood staples, beautiful Cape Cod style homes and pristine beaches. There are some stunning hotel properties (like the amazing Chatham Bars Inn that I stayed in last summer), but it's also a great spot to rent a house with family or friends.

If you're looking for a mountain + lake getaway sprinkled with art, antiques and history,

then make your way to the Berkshires. Again, I might be biased with this one, since I grew up here, but I just love the Berkshires in the summertime. The hills are lush and green, perfect for hiking, and the lakes are crisp and cool, perfect for diving in post-hike, having a picnic, or taking a kayak out. Of course, there are other things to do, too, from performances and plays to music at Tanglewood to quaint towns filled with antiques and galleries to historic mansion tours and museums, it's a perfect spot to get inspired, be outdoors and relax, all at the same time.

If wineries, lakes and camping are your thing,

Upstate New York is a great spot to be. There are too many wineries too count, plenty of good food, pretty hiking spots, lakes to dive into and, if camping or glamping is your thing, it's a perfect spot to do either.

summer road trip photos-2.jpg

If you're looking for something like Portland but even more low-key,

check out Portsmouth, New Hampshire. It's even closer to New York, but still has lots of great food and things to do, right in a beautiful New England Coastal town.

If you want a quick beach getaway with lots of surfer vibes,

skip the Hamptons and head to Montauk. It's become more built up over the years and it isn't quite as chill as it once was, but it's still a fun escape that's a little more accessible than the Hamptons and feels a lot more like a mix of New England and California than it does New York/Hamptons. (You can see a few of my Montauk posts here and here.)

If you're looking for a slice of Europe,

Montreal is a 6 hour drive away, but you'll swear you just stepped off a plane in France. Charming old-school architecture, lots of great food and really cool drink spots. (You can check out my other Montreal post here.)