Women’s Fashion Trends for Spring 2014

Women's Fashion Trends for Spring 2014 Spring is one of my favorite seasons for so many reasons. You can go outside without wearing 57.8965 layers. You can shed the thick winter coats. Sandals are acceptable footwear. It’s my birthday. Pretty flowers start blossoming. Windows can be left open. It’s my birthday. You can once again dine al fresco. New trends start making an appearance. And did I mention, it’s my birthday?! Yes, all of spring is my birthday….obviously kidding (although I do try to turn it into at least a month long celebration). So now that we’ve established that I will be celebrating my birth for the entire month of March, we can move onto today’s topic – women’s fashion trends for spring.

Here are some spring trends I’m loving (aka wanting for my birthday)-

Slip-on SneakersSave || Splurge

NauticalSave || Splurge (also love this & this)

Florals (specifically daisy prints)- Save || Splurge (lots more affordable daisy items here)

Varsity ChicSave || Splurge 

Pastels (specifically powder blue)- Save || Splurge

Marbled PatternsSave || Splurge (or incorporate the trend into your beauty routine)

Snakeskin- Save || Splurge

Perforated- Save || Splurge