3×3 Style- Pastels

3 ways to wear pastels Just like florals, pastels are nothing groundbreaking for spring. In fact, I can remember pastels making frequent appearances throughout my life- while prancing around my ballet lessons in soft pink slippers and tutus, when I somehow determined baby blue was my best color and consequently wanted everything in my life to be a pale blue shade (even going so far as to convince my parents how much better my room would look with a coat of icy blue on the walls), going on pastel wildflower-filled springtime walks with my Mom, and of course, at my wedding, where I incorporated my favorite blush color into everything possible. So yes, pastels may appear again and again, just as spring appears again and again. But just as I never tire of the newness that the spring air brings, so too do I never tire of the freshness that pastels bring to a wardrobe after a winter full of black and grey.

Because one pastel color somehow wasn’t good enough for me, I decided to combine several at once for this month’s 3×3 style post (yup, I just had to be that obnoxious girl running around looking like an Easter egg!). Hop on over (Easter bunny pun not intended) to Grace and Luci’s blogs to check out their pretty pastel looks.

pastel fashion Rebecca Minkoff blazer pastel trends Pastels for spring spring fashion pastels Zara pink pants Rebecca Minkoff Blazer via Crossroads Trading (love it in these colors too) // Express Cami // Zara Pants (similar) // Guess Shoes (similar) // FRAAS Scarf c/o (various styles available here) // Chanel Bag via Portero

Winter Woods

how to bundle up for winter Everything and nothing is special about this outfit. If you just glance at it, you probably recognize pieces you’ve seen on RC before (I blame Christmas spending for no new clothes!). Yes, they are styled a little differently, but otherwise, nothing too special, at least to you the reader. But to me, a lot of things in this picture are special. The woods where we took these photos are my Grandmother’s, the same woods I grew up playing in and the same spot where I saw my first snowy owl. The fur hat was the first gift Mr.RC ever gave me. The bright gloves were made in Nepal (a place where my husband lived for a few years when he was younger) and bought by my in-laws in the Bryant Park Christmas pop-up shops. And the boots were a special purchase for my first trip to Canada a couple of years ago with my husband and his family. In the world of fashion (blogging or otherwise), we are always so quick to move onto the next thing, the latest trend, what everyone else is wearing, etc that we sometimes forget to value the pieces we already have. These pieces may be long gone from stores, but their special memories will always remain with me.

Do you have any pieces in your closet that hold a special meaning to you?

red knit gloves winter wear Russian Fur Hat how to dress for winter furry hat & gloves H&M Hat // Zara Dress // Aeropostale Vest // Kushyfoot Tights c/o // Gifted Mittens // Similar Boots // New York Color Applelicious in ‘Big Apple Red’ Lipgloss

Photos by David

Three Ways To Wear Tights + Giveaway (Closed)

Three Ways To Wear Tights

Today is your lucky day! You get to see not one, not two, BUT three, outfit photos. You get to learn three ways to wear tights. And since it’s the start of the holiday/gifting/giving/being thankful season (and I am oh so thankful for you!), I have a giveaway to give to you. Who knew a Monday could be such a good day?!

Once the cold officially sets in, I practically live in leggings and tights. Without them my winter wardrobe would be a hot mess (or maybe I should say a cold mess??) and I would be one frozen little lady. While I typically layer tights under skirts and dresses, that’s certainly not the only way I like to wear them. I love wearing a pair with a chunky oversized sweater, and throwing some on under jeans or pants has definitely saved my legs from getting frostbite a time or two (Hello, December football games!). Here are three other ways I like to rock a pair of tights-

Knee High Tights + A Dress

Kushyfoot tights

American Apparel Hat // Zara Dress // Donna Karan Sweater (thrifted) // Kushyfoot Fleece Trouser Socks c/o // Target Booties // Phillip Lim x Target Bag // Invicta Watch // Revlon “Ravish Me Red” Lipstick

I love wearing dresses all year round (yup, I’m that crazy girl wearing a dress in 10 degree weather!). But sometimes I just don’t feel like wearing full tights (my legs probably wish I felt otherwise). These trouser socks are lined with soft fleece making them perfect enough to keep me warm, yet stylish, without having to don full tights. A win-win for me and my legs.

Fall florals

three ways to wear tights Phillip Lim for Target yellow bag Zara dress Zara dress + Kushyfoot tights

Fleece Tights + Shorts 

three ways to wear tights

Aeropostale Beanie (borrowed from the Mr.) // Forever 21 Shirt // DIY Jean Shorts // Kushyfoot Fleece Tights c/o // Target Booties // Phillip Lim x Target Bag // Nadine Coat (thrifted) // Revlon “Ravish Me Red” Lipstick

I’ve never been a fan of the shorts and tights look….until I wore shorts with these tights. Like the fleece trouser socks, these are soft on the inside and they sure do keep my legs cozy and warm. In fact, my legs were so warm, I almost forgot I was wearing shorts and thought I had pants on instead! If you choose to try the shorts and tights look, I recommend making sure all your other layers are also warm – a long sleeve shirt, a thick jacket, and a knit beanie to cap everything off.

shorts and tights outfit fall to winter outfit Kushyfoot tights

Colored Tights + A Casual Outfit

Phillip Lim for Target Boom sweatshirt Leather Baseball Hat // Phillip Lim x Target Sweatshirt // Thrifted Dress // Kushyfoot Microfiber Tights c/o // JustFab Booties // Chanel Bag // Revlon “Ravish Me Red” Lipstick

When I was younger I absolutely hated tights for the pure fact that tights signified getting dressed up and acting prim and proper (something my younger tomboy self didn’t want to ever do). These days I feel a lot differently about tights (as you’ve probably guessed from reading), but I’ve also learned tights don’t just mean you have to be dressed up. Using colored tights (like the Heather gray ones I’m wearing) is a great way to make an outfit look more casual.  Sweatshirt + tights? I think even my old tomboy self would approve! P.S. These tights have an awesome massaging sole that makes them even more comfortable to wear!

Boom sweatshirt, white dress, Kushyfoot tights

three ways to wear tights

And now, the reason you suffered through an insufferable amount of outfit photos…the giveaway. Kushyfoot has graciously offered to giveaway enough tights to keep your legs warm all winter long. And by enough tights, I mean everything pictured below (1 pair of black fleece lined tights, 1 pair of black fleece trouser socks, 1 pair of Heather microfiber tights, 1 pair of black shaping tights, 1 pair of microfiber crew socks [black], 1 pair of microfiber crew socks [nude], 1 package of knee high opaque tights [1 solid black, 1 fishnet]). Read on for details on how to enter.

Kushyfoot tights

 Thank you to all who entered and a huge congrats to the winner, JR R. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway is sponsored by Kushyfoot, who also gifted me with the tights seen above for my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. As always, thank you for supporting the companies and products that make Runway Chef possible.

4×4 Style-What To Wear To A Wedding

What to wear to a wedding

Wedding season is upon….and graduation season….and beach season….and grilling season….and well, you know. I’m exhausted just looking at that list! What’s even more exhausting is figuring out what to wear. But no need to worry! Grace, Jealeyni, Luci and I are back with our monthly series 4×4 Style and this time we’re helping you figure out-what should I wear to a wedding?

What to wear to a formal wedding

how to wear your hair and nails for a wedding how to style a black dress for a wedding what to wear to a wedding if you're a girl what to wear to a wedding how to dress for a formal wedding how to dress for a wedding if you're a girl Dress: Zara, Shoes: Nine West (similar), Earrings: InPink, Ring: F21 (similar), Bag: Chanel, Nails: Revlon “Mad About Mango“, Lips: Maybelline “Coral Crush

I have never personally been to a formal wedding (I actually haven’t been to many weddings period), but that doesn’t stop a girl from dreaming about all the glamorous things she could wear if she got invited to said wedding. I can envision myself now draped in some form of a Chanel gown and dazzling in Tiffany jewels with pretty red-bottomed shoes on my feet…..back to reality, Alyssa! Back. To. Reality. Oh hey Zara dress! I think you and my budget will get along a lot better!!

So are we all back down from the couture clouds now? Good! Let’s go over a few rules for what to wear to a wedding that requires formal attire—-

-DON’T wear white. I hope this would go without saying (do I even have to tell you why?!), but never the less, I have seen people where white to a wedding. Don’t do it, just don’t!

-DO wear black or other dark shades. Personally, I would avoid bright colors or crazy prints or anything to overpowering for a formal event. Black is always a safe and trusty option that you can’t go wrong with and it instantly makes you look put together.

-DON’T wear anything showy, flashy, or trashy and nothing too short (in a dream world all dresses for a formal event would be floor length).

-DO wear classic silhouettes.

-DON’T overdo it with the jewels. If there is ever a time to limit your accessories, this is it. You can wear big sparkly earrings (like I did) but don’t do earrings, a necklace, and a huge arm party. I think art deco pieces (I’m obsessed with all of these right now) make especially good formal jewelry.

-DO add a pop of color with your nail polish and/or lipstick. For winter, I like to do reds, and for summertime I like coral shades (similar to my nails and lips in the pictures).

Not going to a formal wedding? Here’s some inspiration for what to wear to a wedding that is traditional,outdoors, or at the beach. Don’t forget to show us what you would wear to a wedding using #4x4style on Twitter and Instagram! And make sure to let us know if there are any trends you would love to see in the #4x4style, either in the comments below or by Tweeting or Facebooking us with the trend (don’t forget to include the hashtag!).

Never Ending Black and White Story

black and white fashion Turban/Headband: vintage scarf (similar), Sunnies: Walmart (similar), Necklace: DIY from old jewelry parts (similar), Coat: Madine, Dress: Zara (similar), Tights: Express, Heels: Nine West, Bag: BCBGeneration c/o Lockerz

Black and white outfit  While black and white is (and always will be) a favorite of mine I am a) beyond ready for color, b) longing for sandals & no-jacket-required outfits and c) sounding like a hypocrite, the latter of which, the weather is, of course, entirely to blame for. There are only so many ways to style a winter coat and only so many pictures I can take sans jacket (freezing while taking pictures isn’t exactly a skill I possess, who would have thought), so black and white we meet again. But spring, my blue shoes and I are ready and waiting for you. Like yesterday….

Nine West Flax Pumps

zara dress fish necklace vintage turban black and white fashion zara dress and nine west heels